Saturday, April 22, 2017

MoonaLisa Ostara Goddess Bag

A few friends alerted me to the phenomenon that is the MoonaLisa Mystery Bag. Traditionally, the mystery bags are several full sized items sold at a discounted rate from overstock of previous releases, but this Easter the MooCrew created three fragrant themed bags of new product to choose from and the earthy/herbal/woodsy Ostara Goddess bag was for me. It was $40 plus $10.77 shipping for a mystery bag with 6 full sized items. 

It arrived in this lovely screen printed muslin bag with beautiful trinkets embellishing it. 

I opened the drawstring to reveal this lovely assortment of fragrant products. 

MoonaLisa's glycerin soaps showcase beautifully swirled colors and artful embeds cut into generous proportions. I would say this chunk is between 8 and 9 ounces, they usually run about $8.95.

Ostara- Notes: Cedarwood, lavender, rose, clove and a touch of Dragon's Blood.
Crikey, this was made for me. In the bar soap, herbal lavender and clear cedarwood billow out of the wrappings. A dusting of dried rose petals and the familiar earthen comfort of Dragon's Blood lie in wait underneath. 

A 4in1 Fine Bubble Wash in Gaelic Mist, a sweet rain like scent according to the notes listed, brought forth a bountiful bath of bubbles last night. The scent reminded me of my baby washing days, that mild soapy and powdery sweet of Johnson's Baby Wash. Maybe not a duplication, but definitely the scent memory that was spurred on. I can see this being a great shampoo. Not sure on the original pricing on these... I want to say around $11 or $12? I am kicking myself for not posting pricing consistently in the past on the old blog. I had purchased a 4in1 years back during a Yule release and did not list the cost. Ah well... hindsight and all that jazz.

The Potion Lotion came in the scent of Mon Petit Bijou. I couldn't find a scent description for this but my nose picks up a lemony bright yet earthy blend of patchouli and Nag Champa. Maybe some lime in there too. Quiet the scent. I find I am loving it. The lotion potion feels plush and satiny on the skin. I love the absorption and softening properties. A wonderful year round formula. Again, not sure on the cost of the Lotion Potions. Sorry folks, my investigative skills are lacking... I cannot even find it surfing the web. I would guess at least $10?

I was, of course, thrilled to see this clamshell from MooScents included in the bag. I think you guys know I am fully on board with these wax tarts. The fact that it is scented in Ostara is just the shining star on top. In wax form, Ostara pulls that Dragon's Blood a little closer and outlines it with the effluvia of cedar and bite of gorgeous herbal lavender. Gosh darn I love this. Clamshells cost $5. 95

Guava Guava Goddess Nectar Lip Balm proved to be another great surprise. I don't think I realized MoonaLisa made lip balms. Guava Guava Goddess contains a blushing pink ultra soft pearlescent sheen and looks lovely on the lips. A satiny type of texture and shine. I has a nice slip and feels moisturizing on the lips. They can be bought for $4.79 each and I would happily pick one up again, as the guava scent is nicely strong and very tropical and vibrant. There is a slight sweetness too if it gets on the tongue. I do get a tiny oily coating from the gloss but I think it helps with the slip. 

A 3ml glass bottle of perfume oil in Persephone was tucked into a blue tulle drawstring bag. I believe these perfumes oils are around $12.95 and come in either 3ml or 5ml depending on ingredient costs. I could not find any notes on Persephone so I am going to run this one down blind. I actually enjoy doing it this way from time to time. So feel free to ignore me if I am off, I am just telling you how it smells to my nose. 

In the beveled glass vial I pick up a sweet lemony haze of honeyed powder. Wet on the wrist and the crook of my arm, the lemons deepen from spritely zest into lemon curd. There is a resinous amber hue floating about that brings to mind frankincense. Frothy bouquets of honeysuckle and jasmine crest like waves into the lemony sea. All the while that soft powdery honey lends golden sweetness. 

I am happy I picked up the Ostara bag. I love all the scents but especially, Ostara herself. It was a wild gamble to pay for full priced products blind and I may or may not do that again but it paid off this time as I will happily use up all these products. 

How do you feel about mystery bags? Tried any MoonaLisa lately that has brought you joy?


  1. I just love the periwinkle color scheme she has going here. I have not tried Ostara, we need this over at MooScents too!! ☺. Your potion lotion might be the same scent as one I got last year but renamed. Mine was $7.95.

    Mon Citron Bijou -(My Citrus Jewel), a lively all natural number filled with grapefruit, and five other citrus oils and earthy notes.

    Glad this was a hit overall. 😀

    1. I love the colors in this too! And yes, if Ostara makes it to MooScents I would be ALL OVER IT! Thanks for the lotion pricing. Much better than I anticipated as far as cost.

      Hm. The notes for Mon Citron Bijou match my bottle but mine is called Mon Petit Bijou? Typo? No wonder I couldn't find anything on it. I like it a lot. It smells splendid!

      Definitely a hit. Have you ever bought the bags?

    2. I bought an Easter basket a few years ago. I didn't take any of my own pics (what was I thinking) but I blogged about it, ha!

    3. The contents were similar to yours but no wax. I got a bubbling bath brew or salts instead of a perfume, and a solid sugar scrub instead of lip balm. It was an all-natural, herbal citrus theme, I think the scents were Dr. Bombay, Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist, Herb de Provence, Grapefruit Haven, and Lavender Absolute (my favorite).

    4. Just read it! How cool! I love the customer service at MoonaLisa. They do always make things right. I wish you were blogging again!!!

      Herbal citrus sounds amazing for summer. Maybe they will do an oceanic/coconut/citrus bag for summer. I am trying to think if I have tried their Lavender Absolute. Sounds like another one that needs to be made in wax. <3