Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Bathing Garden: Circus and Spring Collections

This is where Shannon's samples from The Bathing Garden really bite me in the butt. I simply fall in love. There were a few oldies but goodies I knew I would pick up from the Circus and Spring Collections but there were plenty of newer ones that I fell hard for from the Valentine's Box that were teasers of the Spring Collection. I placed this order with a friend and we shared the samples and I mailed hers off as soon as I could so there were more samples included than I will show. The above photo features all the items I purchased: 15 clamshells (6 from Circus, 9 from Spring), 4 tart shapes (Circus), 4 scrubs (1 Circus, 3 Spring and one is a salt scrub), and one lotion from Spring. As of right now, both of these collections are still available plus the Alice in Wonderland Collection. The Scent of the Month is Sugared Pie Crust (I keep holding out for Deadly Sleeping Draught). Clamshells are $3.75, scrubs run around $9 unless it is a specialty and the lotion is $8.50.

Magician's Bonfire is so flipping good. Sometimes bonfire scents are too cloying or acrid but the bonfire smoke and embers in this one take on the role of mood setter more than front and center stage. The sweet, almost fruity lavender and chamomile buds hypnotize and entrance with electric indigo and violet flames. Warm bronze hued smoke curls around the shoulders and pulls you in towards the Magician's Bonfire.

Dang it. That's it. I am going back for a backup. (I hear Circus will be pulled on the 16th, so one last order can be squeezed in by then).

Starlight Soda Pop made my top ten list of scents for 2016 and it remains a fast favorite, as you can see... two clams. A nose tickling blend of home brewed lemon-lime ginger ale with a subtle backdrop of vanilla woods. 

The Fortune Teller is such a unique blend that I just can't pass it up when it swings by The Bathing Garden. Cola, funnel cake and butterscotch cream soda makes for a jovial aroma. It smells conflicting on cold but when melted it all seems to pull together to create a carnival atmosphere. I could not melt this on the regular but I adore it as a once a year scent and anticipate melting this one this summer.

Ain't she purdy?

Ringmaster's Paramour must be as sweet as she smells to have lured the Ringmaster into her love nest. Sugar crystals, rock candy, berries and bubbles all comprise this lovely lady, but the lemon citrus soda creates the body of it. There is a tart lime streak in there too.

Life is a Circus takes white birthday cake frosting and layers it over a mound of berries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. This is my first tango with Life is a Circus. The berries are sweet and syrupy while the vanilla layer on top is light. I broke off two cubes to melt in my bedroom and it threw medium-strong candied berries in the air that floated out into the living room.

Could not resist this scrub. Sorry friends, but leaving this one sealed. I can review it later though if you wish.

Mini candy apple shapes? Of course I am bringing these babies home. At $2.50 each, they are easy to try. The one on the left is Vintage Circus (Winter Candy Apple and blue cotton candy) and the one on the right is Nights at the Circus (Winter Candy Apple, cinnamon bark, vanilla, honey caramel). I used to only have a mild affection for Vintage Circus but the blue cotton candy is really nice on this one, it smells a little like cotton candy bubble gum which really livens up the BBW Winter Candy Apple dupe. I imagined Nights at the Circus being more spicy and rich than it is, the Winter Candy Apple really stands out with just a subtle cinnamon warmth hovering about. I am interested to melt this one, but alas, it is simply too lovely to do so at the moment. I hope you understand.

Whenever Victorian Midway is in stock I am compelled to grab some. This was another top favorite of last year. If you are a fall scent lover, you should really pick up one of these $2 gems. Spiced apple funnel cake, pumpkin frosting and cinnamon brown sugar all fuse to create the ultimate fall scent. I get a solid medium-strong throw from these and split one between two warmers. If Shannon ever made this in a loaf or one of her huge mamajama shapes I would be all over it.

These next few tarts are from the Spring Collection. 

Serendipity Cream Pie remains one of the best serendipity blends next to Serendipity Marshmallow Delight from Candles From the Keeping Room for my nose. The Bathing Garden's Serendipity Cream Pie ups the coconut cream factor by layering it with coconut cream pie. This is my favorite way to do serendipity... ultra vanilla cream and coconut. 

The Golden Egg comes both in this cute clamshell and a half dozen eggs in the carton. I wanted to wait and see how I liked this before I opted-in for the eggs. I am glad I waited because it really isn't one I am over the moon about. It lists marzipan, cassia, almond, lemon, benzoin and rose candy in the notes, which sound incredibly yummy together but what I mostly get is Lush Snowcake with a drop of rose. I am not really into Snowcake but if you love that almond marzipan note, you should try this. My nose always turns Snowcake into plastic putty sadly.

Carrot Cake topped with cream cheese frosting is on the fence for me. I think this is one of those desserts people either love or hate. Like fruit cake. Or any nutty chunky cake. The cream cheese frosting on top is a little sour and realistic, thus I am not really loving it. The carrot cake base is only softly spiced and minimally sweet. Two cubes melted in the kitchen and two in the living area, and they combined to make a medium throw of a charming sweet bakery with touches of spice and vanilla. It reminded me of a Hansel & Gretel blended with marshmallow. Much better than I anticipated.

How cute is this label? The garden fairy delights me.

Gardenia Coconut Cream hits the spring and summer notes for me. Very creamy and thick and full of those heady white gardenia blossoms.

Sweet Green enfolds hay, chamomile, sweet grass, beeswax, and mint into a dreamy green tea type of scent. It throws at about a medium or a little stronger for me. I quite enjoy this one.

Embellish Me, coconut sugar jam and crystalized lime lollies, sounded too good to pass up. The lime is a little Jell-o leaning and the coconut topping turns it into one of those gyrating dessert molds that featured so prominently in Edward Scissorhands. I am thinking this will transform a bit when warmed, but not quite ready to melt it yet. Maybe in a summer basket.

Rose Glace' is a gentle version of Rose Jam. Not as obnoxious as some can be. This one is a little softer and not as vibrant. I like it.

Ooh La La mixes vanilla cream, white florals and tonka beans. I still hold to the fact that it smells like Lush Vanillary to my nose. I love it. A little woodsy, a little boozy and full of those fuzzy sweet vanilla laced tonka beans. I love it. Did I already say I love it? Well I melted my sample in this not too long ago and it threw wonderfully. Happy to have this in my stash for vanilla craving days. 

Frolic is described as a blood orange patchouli fizz. It is a dream come true. When I first got this in my Valentine Box I thought it was a straight up Lush Karma dupe, but now in a larger clamshell I am picking up a little spice and some of the fizz like Faded Opulence has in addition to the Karma orange patchouli yumminess. Gosh darn I want to frolic in this... Frolic tart. I melted my sample it it threw at about a medium or more in the bedroom. 

I love Coconut Crystal Cake. It is a wonderfully done crossing of coconut cream pie and coconuts by the beach. I had a parfait in this last year and it was a hit when I brought it on a beach getaway with my mom and sisters. I am keeping these sealed for this summer. 

This one I did open for you though. See. I love you. Ooh La La in the sugar scrub has a little bit of an artificial plastic note lurking in there but I am hoping it disappears once I lather up with it. It is a lovely looking gal.

Frolic is a fast favorite so I knew I wanted to pick it up in a scrub, but when I saw it was a sea salt scrub I was even more stoked. Even though the salt stings like a hive of hell bent bees when used after shaving, I love how extra clean it makes me feel. Almost like I bathed in the ocean. Bathing in the ocean? That sounds incredibly exotic. This one translates to scrub really well. The fizzy spice fades and it smells more like straight up Karma. 

My freebies!

Ok. There was one in a bunny shape called Tea with the Queen. I gave that one to Sandra, but if you love beautiful tea scents.... get it!! I emailed Shannon asking her if I could buy some and she said she had so much response about it that she would put some up for sale that day... and she did! When I order from the Alice Collection about 4 of those bunnies are going in my basket.

Candied Peppermint Petals (Rose Jam and peppermint- had it in the past, love it to pieces), Alice in LavenderLand (oddly sweet yet medicinal, not sure how I feel about this one), and Candy Carousal (berries and cream- yum) are my first set of freebies.

The flower is Scandalously Talking Flower Bomb (smells like a Lush dupe cross of Rock Star/Snow Fairy and something or other), egg shapes are Lacquered Lollipops (keeps coming back to me like a boomerang- but the more I melt it and smell it the more I appreciate this strange floral bird) and Sea of Tears (yezzzzzzz- the best fresh beach scent I could ever melt in my home, the scrub version blew my mind). 

Sleigh Bells (frosty sugared pines with orange, peppermint, clove and apple) is really mellow and creamy smelling. All the holiday notes comes through but in a fog of cream and sugar so it is toned down more than the typical Christmas scent. 

A nice sized scrub in Looking Glass (a fruity floral with peach, cassis, sugar and musk) that smells a lot like a SweetTart bag of candies. Very powdery and definitely tart.

I am shocked at how much I love this one. Pomegranate Lime Sweet Tarte pulls vibrant and juicy with plump pomegranates and zesty lime. It feels like there is a little cotton candy or sugar in there to blend it out. Yum. 

So those are my Circus and Spring selections. I plan on adding additional clams in Magician's Bonfire, Ooh La La and Frolic to my Alice order, as well as a clam in Tunnel of Love. As far as the Alice Collection goes I have in my cart: Caterpillar Mischief (LOVED the free sample in that one), Cheshire Cat (Savanna's favorite), It's Always Tea Time, Painting the Roses Red (wish it was in a scrub too), Nothing Whatever, Lavender Vanilla Custard, Sea of Tears (x2), Tea Party with Alice, Tea with the Queen (x a bajillion and one) and Tea with the Queen scrub. Debating on Alice in Lavenderland (I will melt the sample then decide) and the Tea with Alice scrub that is triple layered. If I could I would get Lavender Vanilla Custard lotion and scrub and Cheshire Cat scrub too, but I need to keep my cool somewhat. Maybe. Depends on if anything else pops up in wax for the month. 

Are you eyeing anything from the Alice Collection? Did you order from the Circus or Spring Collection?


  1. Circus is one of my favorite TBG collection! It was my first order from her last year and I'm totally addicted to Starlight Soda Pop, The Fortune Teller and Victorian Midway also. Fortunately I still have a little left of each.

    1. Circus is pretty amazing. I forget how many I love in it until it is time to order and I discover I want them all. Great picks! I only had one Victorian Midway left over from my last Circus order so I needed to do a restock. Do any of the Alice scents call to you?

  2. Where do I even start with this order!?! All this, plus the Fudge butter one and going back for more circus, then Alice? You are the undisputed Bathing Garden Queen! I have lofty order aspirations sometimes, but this is beyond! I'm expecting my largest TBG order yet and its scintilla-sized in comparison.
    I seemed to have gotten the circus list all mixed up with the Valentine's one in my mind and didn't order any, therefore missing out on Magicians Bonfire-of which your description sounds like the perfect scent! Starlight soda equally interesting--I'm finally getting into fizzy scents�� so I ll look forward to that next time.
    Oh well, I'll comfort myself with my spring order, which I hope comes in before Easter-stupid Feb shopping ban! I've skipped past reading any review of scents I've also ordered, but I'm pumped for it and will likely be back to comment and compare notes afterward. I also can't wait to see what Sandra got! She's a tough one to locate scents for bc there's always one note in a blend I think she may not like...

    1. LOL! It may sounds crazy but this is "small" compared to some TBG hauls I have seen on the Fan Page or watched on YouTube. This is pretty big for me since I love so many in the collection. I went much smaller during the winter and Valentine's collections. It just depends. If I like it I try to pick it up since it is kind of a once a year chance to buy it.

      Magician's Bonfire and and the Circus collection is still open for buying. I hear it is until April 16th if you find you want one or two. Shannon offers actual shipping rates and not flat rates so getting a small amount is possible.

      I hope you enjoy your package when it comes. <3 I cannot wait to see what you get! And I hope Sandra gets her box soon so I can see how she likes it. xoxo

  3. I did order from the circus collection. Even though I ordered duplicates of my favorites, I am thinking of picking up a couple more with my Alice collection.

    For my Alice order I am doubling up on Alice in Lavender Land and Nothing Whatever. I can not resist the Frolic scrub, so that will be jumping in my cart as well.

    Rumor has it Shannon is doing 2 summer collections. No breathers ahead, I see.

    1. Right?!? You and I are on the same wavelength. I am definitely going back for another Magician and a couple others. They are just so darn good.

      Lavenderland. Ok. If you love it then I am grabbing one. Nothing Whatever is great. I had it in a scrub a while back and liked it but in wax it hits that earthy spot for me. I hope you enjoy Frolic! If you like oranges and patchouli you will love it.

      TWO summer collections?! Nice!!! Probably an ocean themed one and her Summer Favorites like last year? I held some Pink Sands and Beach Bum over from last year so I could have them in case she didn't bring any back.

      Well hey. I guess we don't need not stinking breathers. LOL! Onward!!!

      Have a great day Cheryl! Thank you for stopping by. It is always a pleasure to see what your picks are from TBG!

  4. I think that these are to beautiful to melt. All looks wonderful. Enjoy! Ellisa

    1. Ellisa... they almost are. I have one clamshell that sits in my wax drawer and gets gazed fondly at every now and again. It is the Widow's Walk from her Take Me To The Sea Collection. The indigo shade, the golden pirate schooner and the star glitter just looks incredible together. And it is a spicy cinnamon violet so it is gorgeous to sniff too. I am going to find it so hard to melt. Hoping you are doing well! Do you melt? My Haus of Gloi order shipped out. <3

  5. I must stay strong. *Reminds self that she's currently on an unofficial wax ban* But it's my birthday month... Magician's Bonfire calls to me though...

    You are a nasty enabler. Don't be surprised if you hear about me caving and ordering soon. LOL

    Bathing in the ocean sounds super luxurious. Sign me up! This whole order has me drooling, and your pictures are simply stunning!

    1. Hey. One Magician for your birthday is not unreasonable. Happy Birthday beautiful friend!!! I loved reading all about your adventures.

      LOL! Well I just want to keep you in the loop so you know what amazing wax is out there in case you get an itch to order. :-) It is what good friends do.

      Bathing in the ocean. I am thinking (we are slated to have a beach vacation next summer- I know I am crazy and plan way too far in advance) that maybe I can make this a reality. I just don't want to get arrested. A new moon would be ideal. If I do get taken in for indecent exposure or polluting the sea or endangering wildlife or some other trumped up charge, please send me once wax tart while I am in the slammer so I can carry it around in my pocket and fall asleep to it under my nose.

  6. Gorgeous, Julie! And now I'm, like, extra stupid wicked excited for my order, which postal gods willing, *should* arrive today. This all looks so beautiful! And you were so generous with TBG's already super generous samples, thank you. I'm sorry/not sorry (?!) I snagged the bunny out from under you (and Caterpillar Mischief, too, which I didn't know you liked as much as you did! Cute little egg, but it's adorable in the clamshells, too - I love the schmutzy stuff on top (technical term, that.)

    And I don't know if it's bad wax penpal protocol, but as far as I'm concerned, you're more than welcome to photograph my stuff, too - your photos are beautiful, and it's always so much fun to see a stinkingly huge order; don't matter where it all winds up in the end, right? :)

    1. Today?!?! That seems fast. Glad the postal service is on it game for you!Do not be sorry at all! I am thrilled I got to small them and now know that I need them! I am even debating on the Eat Me scent despite the chocolate note... it is yummy. I am all about the Schmutz too. The tasteful glitter, wax crumbles and embeds and dried florals are all so exquisite.

      I don't feel like that is bad wax protocol at all! I am totally game for taking photos and writing cold sniff reviews of whole orders next time. I was tempted to do it with at least the samples but I wanted to mail off your box as soon as I could and sometimes I will let an order sit for a little while before getting to it. That would have been huge haul footage for sure!! Maybe next time ;-) You know I am plotting an Alice order and I will a summer one too once it comes out.