Sunday, July 9, 2017

Annie's Way: Jelly Face Masks

A new favorite mask has emerged. Annie's Way Jelly Face Masks feel fan-flipping-tastic on the skin, all cooling, sheer and heavenly. I picked these up at Beautque during a sale for a couple bucks a pop. I get about 3-4 uses from one pack. 

The Charcoal Black jelly mask I used several times and have purchased multiple times. I enjoy it for when my hormones act up and provide me with the most dreadful breakouts. After wearing and rinsing, my skin feels like a clean blank slate, minimized pores, fresh and sparkling smooth. 

The Q-10 Anti-Aging mask is quite lovely too. If I have been in the sun too long or not hydrated enough, my wrinkles become more pronounced and I turn to this pack (and gulps of water) to put my face back on the road to plumpness. 

Annie's Way makes some great sheet masks too. I am currently using Annie's Way Secret Garden: Edelweiss Iris Witch's Timeless Secret. Love it. 

Any new skin care faves for you? Have you tried Annie's Way?


  1. I haven't tried these, but they look intriguing. How do you store the mask packs so they don't dry out between uses? Also, how often do you use face masks? I always think of it was a once a week splurge or treatment, but I'm not sure if that's correct.

    1. I cut the corner to squeeze out what I want and then fold it over and clip it and it stays nice and fresh for a good long time.

      These masks are pretty mild so I use them more than once a week. Sheets masks too. I use probably 4 times a week average. Clay masks and exfoliating masks are a bit more strong and I only use those once a week or less. <3

  2. From which online store I can buy this?