Saturday, July 29, 2017

Candles From the Keeping Room: July Opening

I don't know if you have been reading all the jaw dropping new scents that Carol has been brewing over in her Keeping Room, but let me tell you, she masterfully captures my nose buds with these new creations. Thankfully, she brought more help on board and now will allow customers to order back-to-back so I swooped in on this most recent Candles From The Keeping Room opening to hunt and gather up some of my favorites from the samples I received in the June opening. All bags are $5.75 and house approximately 6 ounces or more of wax. 

Marshmallow Fireside- Toasted marshmallows and sumptuous vanilla cream blended with the comforting aroma of rich smoldering woods. 
Carol's Marshmallow Fireside sold me when I melted the sample I received in the last order. It threw medium-strong in my bedroom and smelled lovely. Wonderfully sweet marshmallows combined with that smoky woods really satisfies me. I feel like Carol's version is more woods heavy and I love it. 

Pumpkin Peppercorn- Amber, black peppercorn and spice create a modern approach to pumpkin.
I fell hard for this one. Really hard. I wanted to pick up two bags but for some reason the cart wouldn't add them. I will get another one at some point. Spiced amber woods and pumpkin do make for a wonderfully sophisticated take on a fall scent. There is a bit of sweet richness from the spiced pumpkin but the amber really sets it over the top. Brilliant. 

Cinnamon and Amber- Cinnamon stick and clove bud blend smoothly with vanilla and amber. 

Friends. Words virtually fail me on this scent. I am not confident I can even closely convey how lovely this one is for me. Sweet yet spicy cinnamon merges with vanilla musk and polished with crystalline vanilla amber. This is hygge. 

Boysenberry Santal Spice- Creamy sandalwood and white cedar are brightened with sweet orange and boysenberry. 
A wonderfully warming spiced fruity woods fragrance that threw medium-strong to strong in my bedroom and created a beautiful atmosphere. Beautiful year round but extra special during the fall. 

Sugared Amber and Plum- Chilled citron and crimson plum are warmed by sugared amber and cashmere musk.
This one reminds me of my ever favorite Tokyo Nights but somehow more rich and smooth and a touch sweeter and less musky. Gorgeous, gorgeous scent.

Cinnamon Apple Prim Apple Cuttable- About 4 ounces and $3.95 for this realistic dish. The primitive metal nail as the stem is genius and fits the aesthetic perfectly. This is a classic apple cinnamon delight, aged with wooden curls of cinnamon bark and sweetened with stewed apple slices. Smells like a rustic country general store. I have had one of these in the past and yes, I find it very hard to melt such a wonderfully crafted tart. 

Free samples! I will briefly give thoughts on all the wonderful scents.

Apple and Clover- Crisp apple and fresh clover.
Smells like a fresh green apple with mellow sweetgrass underpinnings. 

Apple Balsam Pine- A unique blend of juicy apple, cassis, jasmine and Siberian fir.
The pine and fir sap trickles through the most with the apple and cinnamon spicy cassis sweetening and lending a homey element. This is an airy and fresh leaning scent that will be a lovely change of pace during the holiday season.

Applewood Fir Needle- Fresh and invigorating notes of glistening frost, fir needles and juniper rest upon white cedar and amber.
Placidly sweet evergreen and woods laced with an almost citrusy amber. A fast favorite. 

Pumpkin Chai- Creamy vanilla forms a base for fresh pumpkin and spicy notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg blended with creamy milk.
Deliciously toasty pumpkin and spice. The chai spices offer a bit more oomph with a touch of anise and cardamom and a hint of pepper and ginger. 

Pumpkin Lager- A seasonal malt blend of fresh picked pumpkin, nutmeg and fermented warm vanilla. 
This smiling Jack-O'Lantern is a spicy pumpkin brew with a touch of barley richness. Not hoppy or beer-like, but rich and foamy with a touch of booze. Incredible. 

White Pumpkin Puree- A creamy, spicy blend of creamy pumpkin and vanilla.
Another sweet and spiced pumpkin but this one glows with vanilla and maple vibes and perhaps a touch of citrus fruits. Very interesting twist on spiced pumpkin. 

Silvered Moss- Inspired by an outdoor walk, moss, rich wood notes and touches of mint.
Limpid pools of verdant spring mosses are dappled with shining diamonds of minty dewdrops. This is a splendid blend of oakmoss and dewy mint leaves, fresh and natural. 

Spearmint and Basil- Spearmint and basil create an herbaceous and camphorous aroma for a sweet minty treat.
I need this in massive quantities. An invigorating yet melodious blend of cool spearmint and herbs. The basil is nice and smooth, not peppery at all. Gorgeous.

Mistletoe and Fig- Warm vanilla blends with ripe fig, leafy green notes and violet with almond top notes.
Yes! A wonderfully ripe maroon fig, bursting with juice and backed with a mellow sweet almond that is not cherry at all. This hint of green really makes this one a beaut. Another one to get more of.

Apple Wreath- A festive blend of green apples, red hot cinnamon, crushed clove, pine needles and warm cedarwood.
Almost aquatic leaning green apple with watery fresh hues laced with wooden spice that is not fiery but counters the coolness of the apple with a touch of warmth. The cedarwood is lovely in this scent. 

Smoked Applewood- Gala apple, Bosc pear, fresh ginger and mandarin leaf and honey combined with notes maple, oakmoss and cedarwood.
Don't fear this scent. It does not smell anything like applewood smoked meats or bacon, and in fact does not really smell smoky in the usual sense. It is more of a wisp of incense paired with orchard fruits and woods. It is a delightful autumnal fragrance. 

Apples and Maple Bourbon- A clean pleasant scent of caramel apples drizzled in maple syrup rounded out with a hint of bourbon.
The bourbon lends a nice aroma to this caramel apple fragrance. 

Apples and Acorns- Curled Macintosh apple peels and tender acorns are kissed with woody warmth.
Another whimsical apple and wood centric scent that is sweet with those red Mac apples and tempered with soft oak and a drop of spiced amber. In love with this one.


  1. Whoa! Those three pumpkin scents...just...whoa!


    1. They really are pretty great. I can actually smell the pumpkin in them!! LOL! You know how most times it doesn't always translate as pumpkin? These do nicely.

  2. Hygge is an endorsement for Cinnamon and Amber then? ;)
    Listen lady, I was content with abstaining from placing a CFTKR fall order because I still have most of last year's order to use including my cuttable apple. But now with your exemplary photos and wordsmith descriptions which make every scent sound utterly UNMISSABLE I guess I must attempt an order. I will give credit to Carol for creating that happy jack o'lantern tart though!

    1. Truly it is!

      I can totally relate to being unable to chop up and use the cute shapes but this apple will get melted this year. What is yours scented in? I think I had Baked Apple last time?

  3. I cannot rave enough about Carol's Marshmallow Fireside either! Omg, it's so good! I don't know if she hand blends the oils or if she just has a really good supplier but it's different than other vendor's MF. I love it. I fell hard for Pumpkin Peppercorn and Cinnamon & Amber too. They're just what I'm looking for when I think fall/winter scents. Although I'd melt those bad boys all year round. Did you get the Snowflakes & Cashmere? I loved that sample too. I think it may be a BBW dupe? I don't keep up with BBW scents (hardly ever go into the store anymore) so I can't say for sure but it's another lovely scent. Great review as always Julie!

    1. It is pretty great isn't it?! I am happy to have Carol's MF added to my fall collection. I would melt Cinnamon and Amber and Pumpkin Peppercorn year round too. They are both so very lovely. I don't think I did get any Snowflakes and Cashmere. I will keep my eye out for it next opening. I haven't been in a BBW in forever either. I think I will here once the fall scents roll out. I need handsoap and a couple of candles. I only have a handful left.

      Thank you for stopping by Renee!! Love seeing you!