Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rosegirls: Gilligan's Brew Sampler

June 2nd, Rosegirls opened up for sampler orders. I chose the 1 pound Gilligan's Brew sampler for $24 plus $7 shipping. It shipped on the 27th and arrived with nine scents with two chunks in each bag.

Gilligan's Brew is a Rosegirls special blend of coconut milk and heavy cream. It is a luscious concoction that vies for both the sunshine and the kitchen in terms of coconut type. 

Treat Yo Self is a blend of lemon verbena and Gilligan's Brew. It is a lovely sweet lemongrass and coconut blend that is fresh and sweet and reminds me of cool and mellow thai coconut soup. Delicious.

Blue Raspberry Slushie, Lemonade and Gilligan's Brew is potent. That sour lemonade takes over the coconut and slushie scent. I am not a fan of lemonade scents at all so this one will be passed on to someone. 

Basil Sage and Mint & Coconut Lime Verbena smells like a strong herbal lemon. Clean and fresh and nice for sunny cleaning days. 

Strawberry Raspberry Guava and Gilligan's Brew features that classic candy sweet strawberry raspberry guava scent with a spoonful of coconut cream. Yum.

Sweet Lemon Confection, Pink Sugar and Gilligan's Brew, yes! This! I have missed having this cheerful lemony scent in my life. Sweet Lemon Confection is a tart true lemon aroma, pair it with sweet Pink Sugar and coconut and it is perfection.

Gilligan's Brew and Peeps Cake, Peeps Cake is yellow cake, frosting and marshmallows, combined with Gilligan's Brew, it makes for one brilliant vanilla coconut scent. I enjoy how simple and creamy it smells and the throw was strong in my bedroom. If I ever see this scent offered I will pick it up.

Alice Gone Wild! mixes Gilligan's Brew with honeydew, cotton candy and mango. It is a nice mild blend with melons and sweetness, but probably not a favorite. Something is just a little dry and artificial about it for my nose. 

Raspberry Coconut Cream Pie will be a scrumptious one to melt this summer. Vibrant raspberry sauce and a touch of vanilla coconut cream. The raspberry is strongest in the scent and it threw at a medium-strong level in the kitchen. 

Blackberry and Gilligan's Brew is my favorite of the lot. Saved the best for last. A dark and juicy blackberry with not one iota of perfumey floral to be found, mixed with my beloved Gilligan's Brew. Great, great blend.

Overall I am a little so-so about this order. I liked a few of the scents and not others, but that is how samplers and mystery boxes go, in general. I think I will stick to just placing pre-orders for scents I am more confident about. 

Did you partake of any samplers or mystery boxes lately? How was the outcome?


  1. I'm sorry this sampler didn't work out for you as well as you has hoped. Gilligans Brew does sound outstanding though by itself for a blender. Boy did I have to fight with my phone to say Gilligan and not hooligan like it wanted to instead.
    You do learn something new every day! I had no idea you hated lemon scents! How odd! :P jk! I'll have to remember that though.

    1. Ah! It is alright! There were a few winners in there for sure. :-) And it won't be a hardship to share the ones that don't work with someone.

      I tend to enjoy lemon scents but never lemonade... it can be kinda harsh, sharp and vomity for my nose for some reason. I know loads of people love lemonade scents, but not this gal. No, thank you!! Hope you are having a nice weekend!

  2. Beautiful photos as always! I ordered the Gilligan's Brew and the Fruity Bakery set, then the Fresh/Clean samplers. I liked the Fruity Bakery set better I think. I'm new to Rosegirls (honestly your blog got me interested in trying!)but I hear Jenny Oaks really shines in her bakery scents. ^_^

    1. Thank you for the photo compliment! Jenny does do some excellent fruity bakery scents! I hope you love your samplers. It is nice to try scents you maybe wouldn't normally pick out. Samplers are a great way to melt outside the box. Let me know which ones end up becoming your favorite.

  3. Perusing these lot of lovlies, I came to the same conclusion without having to order-most aren't for me. You know my feelings on lemon bakery, but I really can't handle lemonade scents, especially the flavored lemonades. I don't even drink the stuff. Peeps cake gilligan and Blackberry gilligan seem the only two I would do, blackberry is my berry jam:)
    If RG ever does Gilligan's Brew with fresh or beachy scents, I shall be there.

    1. Yeah, lemonades are yuck.

      Those two you listed are really great blends. I was hoping for more fresh clean and minty herbal blends with the Gilligan's Brew but it is a gamble getting samplers.

  4. I haven't ordered from Rosegirls in quite a while now, but I was eyeing up this sampler. I ultimately passed, though, because of the fear of exactly what happened to you - one or two awesome blends, then a bunch of so-so ones, and then a lemonade one (I also can't do lemonade scents; the inside of my nose begins to tingle, I usually get a headache, plus - so gross - I kind of think lemonade scents (or -ade scents of any description, actually) smell a bit like urine. Sorry.)

    Anyhow, long, gross way of saying I decided that when they re-open for Mini Melters, I'm going to pick up a bag or two of Gilligan's Brew and mix it in with tried and true favourites (Raspberry Sauce, Mango Sorbet, Sicilian Lemon Cookie and Marshmallow Smoothie, etc.) That way you could recreate the blackberry and peeps one you like so much.

    And if blackberry is your thing (and it's very much mine), it's a bit on the lighter side, but Sniff My Tart's Blackberry scent is very nice - juicy and fruity, no Blackberry Jam Butter Business. It doesn't have a ton of oomph, though, so I'd actually use it as an overpour with stronger scents. K's Kreations also has a really yummy blackberry scent. Blackberry Jam Carousel Cookies is a great one from K's.

    1. Yes. Damn samplers always pulling me in. I am going to melt most of them but I do wish I wasn't so picky sometimes. And lemonade. I feel the exact same way about it as you do. Truly awful stuff.

      I do want to pick up some Gilligan's Brew mini chunks too but I honestly don't have all that much luck with the MM blending. I am sure it is all just me but I can never get the results that I get with Jenny's chunks. I may try again though just for fun.

      I do love a good juicy blackberry very much. Thank you for telling me about SMT's. Hopefully next opening I can get some blackberry blends going. Thank you, thank you!

      Hope you have been doing well, friend. xoxo