Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Southbound Soap Co: May Pre-Order

Happy 4th of July, friends!

Looking back, I think it has been almost a year or more since I last ordered from Southbound Soap Co. I noticed there was a pre-order on their IG page and moseyed over to take a gander. I am liking pre-orders as of late. No rush to grab and dash. There were a dozen or so scents to choose from at $10 per 8 ounce bag with a $10 flat rate shipping. I picked two and checked out. They arrived a little over a month and a half later.

I must say, Southbound is really great at packaging. Some of the best in the wax business. Not only is the wax cushioned and protected but the whole aesthetic is crisp and lovely. There was even a free sample.

Cinnamon Waffle Cone- Delicious. Delicious cinnamon flavored ice cream tucked into a warm vanilla waffle cone. Simplistic bliss.

Lavender Cotton Candy Birthday Cake- Sadly I do not think I enjoy the lavender. It smells like BBW Lavender Vanilla, which I am beginning to fall out of love with lately. Take that classic lavender vanilla and add a touch of very soft white cake. I do not pick up on the cotton candy until it melts a little bit, even then it is still just a whisper of the sweet candy floss. Also the cake does come out more when melting to enrich the lavender vanilla. The throw was medium-strong to strong in the bedroom.

Americana- How perfect is this wax for today? Thankfully, Americana was a strong winner. This one blends apples, spice, vanilla and whipped cream into a fluffy fall dessert. The spice is not too hot but definitely in attendance. A down home apple cinnamon with the mellowness of vanilla tagging along. Very, very happy with this bag of cozy.

That was my first order from Southbound in a good long while. Rachel recently did a pre-order again and I did pick up two more bags in fall themed scents. I think I am pretty much going to be buying more fall based scents for the next little bit. Gotta beef up my autumn stash. Do you enjoy Southbound? Have you been buying from the recent pre-orders? 

What are your plans for today? Any traditions? We are going to be cooking out with some family at our house and then headed to watch the fireworks at the Detroit Tigers spring baseball stadium, along with lighting a few of our own. 


  1. Mmm, that Americana sounds yummy.

    I guess I prefer pre-orders more than having to stalk a website or FB group but in general, nah. I still have little tolerance for such things.

    Happy 4th to you and yours! We're cooking out here, just casual and low key. We didn't buy any fireworks because we still have some left over from last year, but we don't know if we'll even bother with them. It's such a bummer because the bugs kill all the fun for us. We use bug spray and it doesn't matter. This year we sprayed the yard, so we'll see if that helps at all. I'd like to shoot of fireworks, but the bugs ruin it!


    1. Americana is bliss. I will send you a cube. It threw really well too!

      We did a cook out too and then watched abdcset off a few fireworks. Strangely, we didn't have too many mosquitoes this time. Thank goodness!

  2. I love Southbound but haven't ordered directly; I have several scents I've enjoyed from destashes including a 4th of July sampler from last year.
    Having a BBQ with hubby's family today and really looking forward to it! It's his Grandmother's birthday too so it's extra special. I hope you enjoy a fun holiday with your family!

    1. Southbound really has some amazing scents!!! I am stoked for my next order to arrive.

      Happy birthday to your grandma in law! Hope it was a lovely celebration!