Monday, July 17, 2017

My Candy Panda: Samper Pre-Order

My Man Bun Sampler finally landed! Huzzah! This was my first ever order from My Candy Panda (Yuli who runs this extension of Candy Panda offers pre-order samplers and 5-packs) and I placed it on March 20th and it arrived just a week or so ago. I purchased the Man Bun Sampler for $19, a 5-pack for $6.75 and shipping was $10.75.

Mint Condition- Lavender, oak, peppermint.

Incredible. Sweet peppermint is laced with the barest breath of smooth lavender and woods. It throws beautifully at about a medium-strong to strong and fills the bedroom with mint and woods glory. I am besotted.

Man Bun Sampler included 13 scents plus a mystery scent. 

Papi Chulo- Juniper leaves, fresh woods, dewy musk and bergamot.
Smells more like an aquatic than I anticipated. A nice fresh scent with watery juniper. Probably not my favorite but great for the bathroom.I ended up melting it in the living area and it gave off a medium throw.

Million Dollar Man- Sweet herbal sage with dark honey and fig.
Deep and smoky sweet with the sage smelling more like warm dollar bills and the honey and fig are rich and dark. Brilliant.

Lumberjack- Oakmoss, sandalwood, musk, citrus and bergamot.
Reminds me of Abercrombie and Fitch stores and whatnot. That nice woodsy masculine scent. It threw medium-light.

Silver Haired Fox- Freshly shaved, powdered and smelling of rich vanilla and musky sandalwood.
Vanilla sandalwood meets Bay Rum and shaving cream. It is a joy to sniff and I am drooling all over it.

Birch and Black Pepper- Oriental woody blend smelling of cool spiciness. (Jo Malone dupe)
Oh heck yes baby. Peppery and spiced with a nice amount of slightly smoky guaiacwood and vetiver hints. Dreamboat.

Team Aiden- Sheer woodsy scent, on a base of crisp citrus, pure florals and aged driftwood.
Another one that is a little too aquatic for my personal tastes. The florals and woods add a nice depth and tang but the water is still all around.

Mahogany Cotton- Clean cotton, coconut, oakmoss, vanilla and mahogany.
This one is so creamy and sweet. I want mounds of this. Coconut and woods. Delicious.

The Other Woman- Rich cedar, dark amber, sheer musk and rosewood.
A great blend of Rosewood and Amber that I always enjoy. 

Fine Leather Goods- Light amber, musk, coffee beans, and a light aroma of leather.
More suede like than leathery. Supple, sweet and that touch of milky latte is perfection.

Aqua Di Gio- Aquatic aroma of bergamot, neroli and tangerine musk. 
Watery citrus freshness. A mild and mellow cologne type of scent. Very clean and great for a light scent to freshen the home. Not a favorite but I knew that going in. It threw medium in the kitchen.

Pool Boy- Creamy coconuts, vanilla and mahogany.
I love BBW Mahogany Coconut. This is so darn good. Just good old coconut and woods, musk and yum. This is more masculine and sharp than Mahogany Cotton. I like both but the sweet creaminess of Mahogany Cotton is sooooo dreamy. 

Mark No. 2- Sea moss, musk, wild spicy mint and blue spruce.
The blue spruce is the star in this one with an airy clean mist surrounding it. Very nice and well blended. 

Honeymoon- Vetiver and beach wood.
I think this is the Calypso scent from The Bathing Garden. I didn't pick it up this year (guys I skipped Take Me to the Sea... what is wrong with me?!) so it is nice to have this on hand. It threw medium to medium-light.

Gunslinger- Amber, woods and ocean mist.
I was kinda hoping this would be a creosote and tar, leather and sand type of scent. Wild wild west style. This gunslinger is scrubbed squeaky clean and has been dozing on the sand dunes of a beach. The salt notes keep it from being too watery. It melted at about a light or medium-light.

Fly Me Out- Fresh dew drops, sunny citrus, salty sea air and sweet amber. 
Oh this is goooood. The amber really makes this special. It almost has a tobacco lean to it. Plush.

Blue Suede Shoes- Fizzy Blue Hawaiian and Blonde Moment.
I forgot how much I missed Blonde Moment. The touch of Blue Hawaiian in this is nice. I am looking forward to popping this one in the bathroom warmer. 


I did notice that these tarts were hard to pop out. I have had this happen once or twice before from other vendors when the formula was being tweaked. Not sure if CP is tweaking formulas but these either had to be cut out or put in the freezer for a bit to come out. 


  1. Glad to hear about this one, must have been quite a sale. I think my TAT was 6-8 weeks last summer if I'm not mistaken. I have never had to wait a long time but you are used to it, no doubt. Order and forget about it until it ships is how I handle Moona sales!

    1. YES! That is pretty much how I deal with long TATs but for some reason I kept thinking about this one wondering when it would be coming. The Moona one took a little while but I didn't mind. And I saw my name come up on the SMT order and that one is always a guessing game too. But it will be coming in the next month or so now! WoooHoo!

  2. Oh and I definitely would have placed this same order if I had caught this sale. 😍

    1. The mint and the Man Bun Sampler were right up my alley. You know I love my woods, resins, and such. Mmmm mmmm!

  3. I may have to jump on an order when Yuli goes RTS since I went ahead and skipped out on this past pre-order. Though I know it will just be the same hunger game style that will probably in the end deter me away. I also received a scent shot recently that for the life of me, could not get out of the cup! The cup just gave with it as I pushed and tugged like the cup was melted around it or the cup was just too flimsy. Weird. I will also try the freezer method when I am ready to melt it.

    1. She has an RTS sale coming up? I need to stay in the know. But you are right it probably will be an elbow throwing frenzy. But I may throw some to get a shot at more Mint Condition.

      Yeah... it is a little annoying to not have them pop nicely out of the cup, but nothing that cannot be fixed. I wonder if curing will help them release and loosen up a little bit? I will try to let some sit for a while.

  4. Wowzers, that is a long wait time. Just another order in the queue if you've planned ahead, but if you were waiting on just the one...yikes. But they sound like Very Julie Scents; so glad there's lots of delicious little things to tempt you in there. :)

    1. Definitely temptation! And yeah, not sure what was going on with me during this order... normally I order and forget about it/don't sweat TAT, but I just kept going back to this invoice thinking "is it time?" Maybe I was just excited.