Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Southbound Soap Co.: June Pre-Order

Another Southbound Soap Co. Pre-Order has landed! Following them along on IG is a great way to stay abreast of pre-orders and RTS sales. These 8 ounce bakery bags were $10 each plus $10.50 shipping and were ordered June 21st. They arrived just about a week ago, packaged with love and attention. 

Ghostly Brew- Spooky blend of cider donuts and vanilla bean noel all brewed into one ghostly treat. 

I love all these fun spooky shapes! The big leaf is one of my faves but those skulls come in a close second as far as warming the cockles of my fall loving heart. I have been very remiss in my explorations of the Cider Donut scent. I cannot recall the last time, if ever, I have smelled this scent. Overall, this is a wonderfully creamy scent full of that Vanilla Bean Noel I love in a duet with caramel apple cookies. The little donut shape (about an ounce or less I would guess) threw strong in the kitchen area. Socking this one away until September.

Witching Hour- Campfire smoke and sweet, gooey marshmallow cream.

I was assuming this would be a Marshmallow Fireside blend but not at all, really. And I am ok with that. The campfire smoke is rich and a little smoked applewood/liquid smoke leaning and candied up with those vanilla marshmallows. It comes off far more mystical and foreboding than the dupe I was expecting and very much suits a witching hour. 

Free Sample!

Frosted Pink Party Cake- Sweet strawberry frosting and delicious yellow cake batter.

Vanilla heavy cakes with just a touch of berry. There is a hint of plastic tone to this that just might melt off. 

Happy as a camper again with my tiny Southbound Soap Co. order. And guess what? I am about *this* close to placing my Dessa's Homespun Scents order. Trying to finalize my list. Do you go for fall scents? Pumpkins? Apples? Spice? Hay? What says fall to you?


  1. You know *I* go for fall scents. They are my favorite scents of the year and I am a strictly seasonal melter so they are always special again when they return. Early fall, for me, is apple scents (caramel apple, cinnamon apple, etc.). As fall progresses I bring on the deeper, spicier things like ciders and the start of pumpkin scents. Mid October through Thanksgiving is all about the full on pumpkin and spiced cranberry scents. Mmmmmmm!

    I'm skipping Dessa's this year (*gasp*) and taking my chances on what BHG/Scentsational offers.


    1. SAME! One of the things I love best about seasonal melting is the long break between my faves that makes them that much sweeter when they return. I like your line up! I pretty much follow the same thing but will do apple cinnamon anytime.

      No Dessa?! Hoping BHG puts out some tummies for you then!!

  2. Oh, those little shapes are so darn cute. I don't know who can claim to have done it first, but it reminds me of those multi-coloured shapes from The Melting Duck, I think, that look so darn tantalizing.

    Bit weird about the Marshmallow Fireside that wasn't, although for me at least, that's one of those ones where it ONLY smells like Marshmallow Fireside to me if it's in candle form - the fire just does something to the smell. Otherwise, all other Marshmallow Fireside smells come out smelling a little off to me - I guess that's the difference real fire makes! That's weird, right? I also feel this way about Twisted Peppermint. Tangential, but do you have a candle-only scent favourite?

    1. I honestly think Brandy was one of the firsts to do the bbakery bag of strange shapes all together many years ago but I could totally be wrong. I just remember hers first.

      Not weird AT ALL! Marshmallow Fireside is notoriously hard to duplicate. Lasting Scent and Sugar&Spice come the closest to me. Candle only? I would have to say Autumn Day. I love my candle of it but every vendor dupe is way too screechy and jarring to my nose. I agree on Twisted Peppermint too. It is always WAY too light throwing in wax.

  3. These were the two scents that had my eye that i just ALMOST bought but i backed out last minute. The witching hour sounds really good and come on.. those shapes... those big smiling skulls and bats. If only there was some witch hats!

    1. Witch hats would be perfect!! Or brooms or cauldrons? Fun! They will be nice scents to melt this fall. I am itching for Dessa to open back up tomorrow so I can get some of her fall scents too.