Monday, July 24, 2017

Bohemienne Life: Wax and Bath Salts

I have been remiss to not indulge in more Alamo Candelaria, it has been a good long while. Kyme's soaps and body products and wax tarts are some of the most creative and lovely out there; from the packaging details of the hand drawn papers and fragile stickers to the wax seals and crinkly antiqued tissue paper and of course the incredibly beautiful scents, it is an experience from start to finish. Kyme recently rebranded and is no longer Alamo Candelaria, but Bohemienne Life. She still offers up the scents and products we know and love (like the Outlander goodies- which will be expanding soon! and the gorgeous soaps and tarts) but I do think she will continue to experiment and expand as it fits her whim and style. For this order I asked if she would open up soon for wax medallions and she did just so I could grab a few, now that is customer service. I know she would for any of her customers too. The wax medallions have since been available on the site at the time of writing. I also added a couple of the Wax Twists and a bath salt soak to my medallion order.

The bath salt soak I chose is in Selene, which features white poppy, yuzu zest, snowdrop flowers, eucalyptus, oranges, grapefruit, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, patchouli, cedar, amber and white velvet musks. Overall, it smells of a serenely sweet fairy garden. The citrus shines the most but quietly humming in the background are the florals and a candied musk. Vanilla is not listed but it does seem to float about the aroma. There are some bits of glitter in the salt. It was on sale for $5, but is currently sold out. 

Wax Twists are single serve portions of wax in a cute ice cream scoop form, wrapped in paper and housed in a paper cone. Six twists come in each cone and are about 1/2 ounce each for $3.00. 

Persephone- Pomegranate, goji berries, white flower petals, balsam woods and patchouli.
Gauzy white florals flow like the diaphanous folds of Persephone's dress and the meadows undulating in wild flowers that she tends for precious short months. The darkness of the patchouli and a purple hued musk that creeps around the hem of her dress swirl into the flowers, while the faint forbidden pomegranate lingers on her breath. It threw medium-strong in my bedroom. 

Candied Apple- Juicy red apples, pistachio milk, magnolia petals, golden shea butter, plums, sugared musk, pink jasmine and strawberries.
This is not a candied apple in a gourmand fashion but rather a robust ruby apple hanging from a branch, wreathed in apple blossoms and warm sunshine. A lovely scent for the end of summer and heading into fall. Beautiful. 

I did order these medallions before she had begun using her new wax seal, so the ones purchased currently will come with her new logo embossed in wax, I believe. Each medallion roll comes with four coins that weigh about 7 ounces total, so just under 2 ounces each. These can easily be cut in half for dual use. A roll is $7.50. They are dye-free and vary in shades of ivory to golden based on fragrance oil. I adore the artisan vibe I get from these. Dye-free wax is a wonderful change of pace from all the color and glitter that sometimes stains my warmers. 

Brigid- Celtic goddess of fire... honey, juicy red apples, mahogany woodsmoke and sweet amber musk.
The apples are indeed juicy and have an almost watery crispness that is more fresh than sweet. Paired with a tiny wisp of smoke and honey, these apples paint an idyllic fall portrait of apple picking on a brisk day with the scents of autumn all around. This tart threw medium-strong in my kitchen and living area. 

Pacific Pine- Evergreen pine and fir needle resins, infused with sparkling tart citrus, musk and moss and a hint of woody clove.
THIS! This. Guys. This is my beloved Balsam & Citrus scents that I crave every holiday season. And I am thrilled to try it from Bohemienne Life. This one offers a bit more jaunty citrus and sweetness. Amazing scent.

Pumpkin Forest- Couldn't locate notes.
I was wondering if this would be a dupe of BBW Pumpkin Woods, but it is clearly not, as this one contains actual pumpkin in it. And it is so very wonderful. Deeply spiced pumpkin pie, almost a pumpkin gingerbread, folds into the scent of woods and earth. This is Hansel and Gretel's house in a blackened woods and framed in that clove studded pumpkin gingerbread frame with the wood burning stove warming it from within. Good grief I am drooling while I inhale this gem.

Hacienda- Vanilla bean, ginger, clove, cardamom and nutmeg, with golden honey and buttery cake, sandalwood and leather.
Leather and spice delight. A warming and comforting aroma unlike any I have sniffed. The cakes and honey, cardamom and ginger embellish the rawhide leather and soft woods. Half a tart threw strong in my bedroom. Primarily a leather scent.

Besos Del Sol- A pure rich scent of sweet, amber colored honey.
Honey, wild honey, orange blossom honey, sticky dripping and glinting in the sunshine, viscous and sweet. Traces of pollen and flower petals whisper about the liquid nectar but the honey out shines it all. 

Raven's Myst- Precious woods, spices and resins, enhanced with a splash of mandarin, musk and cashmere vanilla.
How my heart and nose have missed this one. Raven's Myst is a scent I should try very hard never to run out of. Elegant and mysterious, plush vanilla sandalwood and that initial hint of airy sweet mandarin that hovers on the edges pair with amber musk in a beautiful aroma to scent the home. One of my cherished scents.

My Chai- Black tea, cinnamon, ginger root, black pepper, cardamom, cloves and star anise.
Another great one from the past that I missed having on hand is My Chai. A very realistic execution of a fresh tea bag holding a sublimely spiced chai. Opulent and peppery, dark and deep, this is a pool of black tea that I would be joyous to sink into inch by inch. The cardamom and anise add a lushness to the blend. If you enjoy a straight up chai tea fragrance, if you press the tea bag to your nose and inhale in a dream-like state... this is the scent for you. 

CocoWood- Coconut milk, sandalwood, bergamot, with velvety cognac and rich spiced tobacco leaves.
This one is new to me but the notes called out and compelled me to bring it home. Aged coconut husks rattle and clatter like thrown dice at the base of arching palms that shadow Hemingway's study. Soft refrains of butternut pipe smoke eek out of his open window and join the Trade Winds that follow the currents surrounding his island home. The brandy warming in his hands carries a hint of the books in his library, the coconut flesh lying in crescent moon slivers on the china and a touch of the oak barrels it was aged in, fragranting his imaginary musings. This is a scent for coconut lovers.

Havana- Damask rose and geranium, heart of sweet orange honey and the warm, sweet, smoky accord of vanilla, patchouli and honeyed pipe tobacco.
"I feel like I walked through the doors of an old cigar factory in Ybor, where wizened hands expertly roll sienna, tan, and espresso colored tobacco leaves into Arturo Fuentes, Macanudos and Cuesta Reys and place them in cedar lined boxes on a cracked leather covered tables. Even better than I imagined. When melted it develops a thread of powdery aroma that weaves into the cigar story tapestry. Strong throw and long lasting and unique."
This was my review from the last time I had Havana and I just cannot say it any better this time around either. A brilliant scent for tobacco lovers.

Free samples!

Heart and Crown is a scent Kyme mentioned loving in the interview I did with her here on the blog years ago. This is my first time smelling it and I am bummed it took me so long. It is a very pretty sweet floral that provides wonderful exfoliation. Keeping my peepers peeled for this one again. 

My Chai soap sliver smells amazing and it just as good as the wax tart. This will be a wonderful fall soap to lather up with on days I need to pretend I actually have a fall.

And of course, one of the best things in the box. One of Kyme's Salt Lique Lollis. 

Past review of some of Kyme's goodies can be found here and here, Outlander reviews here and here and a candle review here

Have you partook of any Bohemienne Life treasures of late? If you love sophisticated, thoughtfully crafted scents and indulgent home and body products, you really should do yourself a favor and check out Kyme's wares. 


  1. You reminded me how much I LOVE Kyme's Pacific Pine. It's just SO good. I've passed by Candied Apple, but your review is making me take another look at it. I just logged on her site and was excited to see Blue Poppy soap, too! Gorgeous photos Julie!

    1. This is my first time smelling Pacific Pine, it is divine! What are some of your other favorites? A friend was telling me about Saturnus so I ordered that one and Third Eye.

    2. I really liked Ruby Redbird, but I don't think she offers it in wax anymore. Luminaria is outstanding as is Orange Ginger. I ordered Third Eye, too, as it sounds right up my alley!

    3. I did get a Ruby Redbirdsoap sliver in this most recent order but I have not sniffed it yet. Kyme is so sweet, if you requested it I bet she would make it for you! I will look out for orange ginger and luminaria. Thanks, Sarah!!! Xoxo

  2. Wow! Such creative packaging and unique sounding scents. I hadn't heard of this brand but it definitely intrigues me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kyme does have such a beautiful style about her branding. She is very kind too and has been making products for a good long time. <3

  3. Alright, this is a vendor I think I need to look into and I just love the simplistic packaging. Pacific Pine pulls on the heart strings a little gearing me up for the winter months ahead

    1. Pacific Pine smells like Christmas in a tart. So festive. I think a good way of trying Bohemienne Life is to buy the Wax Twists first since they are in smaller quantities. If you do try Kyme's goodies, let me know!