Friday, July 28, 2017

Solstice Scents: Gibbon's Boarding School

Gibbon's Boarding School is an old love of mine from Solstice Scents. Not sure why it took so long for me to pick up this bottle but she is finally mine. I secretly hope Angela will make this into an EDP one day. Angela truly has a gift for creating a scent that can transport you exactly where she imagines. Wearing Gibbon's Boarding School is akin to walking along its hallowed halls where windows look out onto gently rolling mountains shrouded in mist, nesting in a worn leather armchairs in the common room to read before the fire, or stroll about the venerable campus surrounded by ivy and moss clad brick buildings and embellished with autumnal sweet gums, sugar maples and aspens. 

Gibbon's Boarding School- Notes: Dusty wooden desks, paper, leather, amber, tobacco, dying fire, dried leaves, autumn breeze. ($16)

Hands stuffed deep into pockets and nose tucked into a faded flannel scarf to escape the blustery cascade of chilly winds and leaves that Boreas sent your way, you pass a professor puffing on his worn brown pipe. Before you pass each other he removes the pipe, smiles and nods, promptly putting back his old friend to toke on in a small billowy cloud. He leaves behind the impression of his spiced tobacco, faceted with ghosts of apples and memories of pumpkins. Sweet and lingering. Fitting for the fall afternoon. Kicking up scarlet and orange leaves in the wake of your boots, the huge oaken doors of the library part and the ubiquitous bouquet of books, leather bound, cracking spines, thin vellum and ivory hues of paper dotted with inky images gust out to embrace you. Dust collects in high and low places and nestles between forgotten tomes. Motes stream like a slow motion water fall from the long tall windows, some cracked open to the elements. Just as you perch into a plump and time worn brown leather chair, a waft of its warm supple scent engulfs you. Tucking one leg underneath with a thin red hardback propped up in your hand, you settle in for a cozy read. The open windows stir the library air, imbued with the campus bonfire the previous night, the mountain mists, the crisp exhalations of the forests studded along its slopes. Fresh, cool and mind clearing. As the October pumpkin sun kisses the horizon and the day wanes, the gloaming scents of resinous woods filter into the library while the leather cradling you warms under your body heat and perfumes the air still. All along, in your own world, within the heart of your book on a beautiful fall afternoon.

An incredibly evocative autumnal scent but also one I would wear all year through as though pulling on a comforting blanket. 

Wolf Spirit- Notes: Desert sage, pinyon pine and resin, conifers, cedar, vetiver, palo santo, soft incense, frankincense, fur and juniper. 

Arid peppery visions open Wolf Spirit under the smudge of a bundle of sage and pine needles. The heart warms and softens under the offerings of burnt woods and incense. Not cold or ritualistic but wild and warm and a natural. The base lingers on the skin like a sun heated pelt that still whispers of the incense and woods. An incredibly beautiful and free spirited scent of wilderness and wildlife. 

My daughter chose the Wolf Spirit free sample based on the name alone and she picked well. I recently brought home a full EDP bottle of Vanilla Pipe Tobacco. I could see a full bottle of Wolf Spirit in hand as well in the future. 

Have you found a new Solstice Scents favorite? What scent would like to see made in an EDP or have a full EDP bottle of? 


  1. I have not tried either of the two mentioned above, but now I think you have encouraged me to spend some money...Lol! I have a full bottle of Guardian (which I adore), and I do really love Vanilla Pipe Tobacco and Smokewood Apiary. The Lavender Vanilla is really nice too! Thanks for such a great review!!

    1. Guardian is full bottle worthy for sure! I need to finish up my sample. I did tell you that I splurged on a full bottle EDP of Vanilla Pipe Tobacco. I think I may do another bit more in depth review on that one. Smokewood Apuary is so cozy! That one and Owlcreek Aleworks are ones I am eyeing now. Lavender Vanilla is one of my faves. I did get it in a perfume oil. I wouldn't mind seeing it in EDP one day. Thank you for stopping by Cathy! I hope you are well!

    2. Someone recently gifted me Owlcreek Aleworks ♥, I will pass it along next month! I hope you have room in your suitcase for things to take back, lol.

    3. Perfect!!! Thank you! I will definitely try to make sure I have room in my purse and carry-on for items. I plan on buying a perfume there for my nice souvenir. Less than a month!! I will email/message you our agenda. See what days/times might work for you to meet up.

  2. Your description makes me want to go back to school. You need to write for ads! Do you find that the scents stays close to your skin, or is it projecting at all? Lately I am finding it hard to smell anything on my self after an hour max. Looks like your having a great vacation- Enjoy!! Have a fantastic day, Ellisa

    1. Thank you!! We passed some type of austere boarding school here in the mountains on the way up to TN and I really wanted to swing off the road and photograph it. I cannot imagine how neat it would be to attend one. But maybe lonely too without family? I wouldn't know. But I romanticize it anyway.

      For the most part, SS oils do stay close to my skin with a few exceptions. But I also do lather it on pretty well. I put it on my wrists, arm crooks, neck, chest and under my ribs. Let me re-test for longevity when I get back home. I will wear it and report back! Under an hour would be awful wear time.

      Thank you! We are having a really nice time! Going on the Alpine Coaster then tubing down a river today. <3 Hope you are well my beautiful friend! I am going to buy one of those book binders because your creation inspired me! I am using the one you made me to jot down turns of phrase I want to use when fragrance writing.