Thursday, July 20, 2017

Future Primitive: Summer 2017 Order

I missed having Future Primitive goodies around the house. I had used up all my conditioner, whipped soaps, bar soaps and wax. Thus a wee order was over due. I mainly grabbed summer scents that were on offer. Some are still available at a discounted rate. (I must also say that a kind box from a friend arrived which contained two bars of soap which I am thrilled to use! Thank you, Sarah!)

I mentioned years back that I prefer to use Future Primitive Three in One Whipped Cream Soaps as shampoo, occasionally as shaving cream, but mostly shampoo so I tend to buy my Conditioning Hair Rinse and Whipped Soap in the same scent. 

Strawberry Patch- Notes: Fresh plump heritage strawberries, double cream and a dribble of cocoa absolute. 
I have never had Tiggy's Strawberry Patch. It is divine! The strawberry glows sweet and aged under the burnish of amber hues, nestled in mounds of vanilla cream and that drop of cocoa transforms the whole scent and brings it deeper and lends more decadence. Almost like a touch of patchouli. 

The Conditioning Hair Rinse continues to be ideal for my thin, curly, dry hair. It has a nice slip which allows for finger combing in the shower and leaves my hair to dry silk soft and fresh with scent. The summer Conditioning Hair Rinse is on sale for 6.94 pounds.

The Three in One Whipped Soaps clean my hair without leaving it overly dry and impart a gorgeous scent. Tiggy's whipped soaps are light as air, easily the lightest feeling whipped soap I have yet to encounter. These are on sale for 5.21 pounds.

Of course I had to add some wax tarts. I have had great luck with Tiggy's wax formula and scents. 

Custard Cream- A sweet sugar cream sandwiched between two crunchy sweet biscuits. Just like the British classic!
These 0.78 ounce scents shots at 1.65 pounds each are in the Limited Edition area and pack quite a delicious crunch. Vanilla laden and buttery with a shortbread like snap. 

Cut Throat Barbershop- Notes: A masculine blend of shaving soap, hot towels, cut throat knives, lilac water and aftershave. 
Ooooooweeeee! This is a charmer. A suave fragrant gent, Barbasol scented square jawline, clean musk and that splash of crisp lilac water that trails him like a banner. Good grief is it sexy and invigorating. 

Cucumber Cocktail- Notes: Cucumber juice, melon slices, crisp clean holiday air and a bit of fizz!
Summery sweet and juicy with melons and that cleanliness of cucumber, the fizz of champagne spritzers and a cool floral breeze. This is a very pleasing home fragrance. 

Strawberry Parsley- Notes: Heirloom strawberries dipped in sugar with a sprinkle of fresh parsley. 
Um. I am not sure what sorcery Tiggy has wrought with these blends but she is a goddess among fragrance blenders. A photorealistic strawberry shining on the vine, red and glossy and spiked with seeds. The barest hint of sweet green cuts the sugar and adds dimension.

Seaweed- Notes: A clean tangy marine blend of fresh seaweed with sea salt, ozone and a tiny hint of citrus.
A neroli and bergamot infused seaside breeze, tangy and iron clad and robust. This is not an aquatic but an ozonic deep green aroma.  

Not sure what has taken me so long but I finally dropped one of these Aromatic Perfume Oil Samplers into my order. It includes five 1ml bottles from Tiggy's General Catalogue at 10 pounds. I am only going to do a brief review of each scent to give impressions. If I end up buying any of them in full bottles I will do a more in-depth review at that time. 

Rook and Raven- Notes: A dark, mystifying blend of sweet Sicilian orange with a dry-down of aged patchouli, sandalwood and blackened vanilla.
Darkly spiced oranges, vibrant and concentrated, tamed with sticky ebony patchouli are balanced with that drop of black vanilla. The base lingers as smooth sandalwood and velvety patchouli just tinted with dried orange rinds. At its deepest the patchouli shines. Lovely.

Arabian Nights- Notes: Arabian desert. Dusk. The sky washed with a purple orange bloom. A balmy breeze casts casts aromas from a distant town across rippling sand dunes. Heady florals mingle with spiced citrus fruits, resins and dry leaves, enveloping you in a haze of memories that will never fade.
A beautiful illustration of an exotic desert landscape. Orange blossoms and jasmine flowers ply the senses with arid grace while amber and patchouli ground the spiced florals in mysterious richness. The base blooms in a musky sweet resinous and woody dream. A stunning fragrance. 

Incantation- Notes: A bewitching haze of labdanum absolute, patchouli oil, white sandalwood accord, a twist of green bergamot and droplets of Italian cypress.
The resinous cypress and almost camphorous bergamot begin the intoxicating brew... the sparkling combination almost has a lemony frankincense facet. Light and airy sepia toned patchouli crumbles its leaves into an apothecary jar and splintery chips of sandalwood join them. 

Dark Carnival- Notes: A curious carnival cart offering sweet treats. Honeycomb drizzled with warm caramel sauce, newspaper cones filled with hot sugared walnuts, fresh coconuts from the shy and velvet pouches filled with nuggets of amber and tonka beans. 
Gorgeous and golden honeyed amber shimmers in a pool of caramel that deepens as the scent wears on. The barest breath of coconut hovers around the edges. In the deep dry-down the lasting scent of sweet honey resins lingers long. Dark Carnival is fast becoming one of my favorite scents from Future Primitive. It was amazing in the wax tart form too.

Sylph- Notes: Clouds of fluffed up marshmallows infused with a glug of classic French lavender oil.
A beautifully executed lavender vanilla blend that features herbal almost licorice leaning lavender married to vanilla sugar encrusted marshmallows. It almost smells like grapes at the tail end. It is decadent and mouth watering. Less sweet and more deep and furry than Solstice Scent's version, more lavender less vanilla. Dreamy.

Cottingley Beck soap blends mint and basil in a rustic and endearing offering to the fairies. Being such a fan of mint soaps I am at a loss of why I have not brought a bar of this home to me. It is the perfect bouquet of fresh picked mint twigs. 

French Lavender soap smells of steel lavender buds, silvery and herbal. Another bar soap staple. 

Once again, I am content to have some Future Primitive goodies in house. I most look forward to her autumn offerings, hoping Owlette's End makes a come back. Do you have any Future Primitive favorites that you look forward to getting? What soaps are you washing with?


  1. Tiggy weaves magic, doesn't she? Her bar soaps are my favorite. I went a little overboard buying her bar soaps, three in one whipped soaps and perfumes the past couple of years, so I'm trying to be good and use up what I have. On the plus side, her products hold up really well!

    1. She really does!! Thank you again for those two bars. I am thrilled to use them. I am understand the urge to stock up. I am hoping to pick up some more hair rinse and whipped soap in the fall release. Good to know that her stuff has a good shelf life! What are your FP favorite scents?

  2. I've ordered twice from FP this year, she is now my favorite soapmaker. Her current formula is different from my older bars, it feels softer, creamier, more luxurious than ever before. It was always great of course, now it is perfection!! Some people prefer really hard bars, and I think she was going for that ideal for a while, I am not sure when it changed again but I am glad it did.

    I have bars of Black Sands and Cottingley Beck and a Cutthroat Barbershop tart. Cottingley is basil goodness. ❤

    1. It is funny you said that. I was using up a sample and I noticed the lather was hugely bubbly, foamy and bouncy. I am excited to get a few bars in the fall.

      Cottingley Beck is one I want to get a full bar in now. It is a brilliant minty herbal scent. Hey! How lovely is that Cutthroat tart?!?! I just cannot get over how beautiful it smells.

  3. Ooh, their packaging - it feels very old timey apothecary. I love the care they put into their wrapping. And whipped soap as shampoo, you say? Very inneresting...I seem to recall you didn't have a lot of luck with the Bathing Garden soaps as shampoo?

    1. Tiggy does have a very old timey Apothecary look! I love it. Her whipped soap is easily the lightest and airiestbout there. Makes it easy to apply as shampoo. The Bathing Garden's is very dense and hard packed. I did not have much luck with using Shannon's as a shampoo. It is great for bathing, as a little goes a long way. But really, overall, TBG formula for that is not my favorite.