Saturday, July 15, 2017

MoonaLisa: Ostara Candle and Lavender Bath Salt

May 6th I ordered a couple things from the MoonaLisa early summer release, a candle and some bath salts. They arrived a couple weeks ago so it was just under two months. I wasn't in a rush so the delay didn't bother me at all. 

Lavender Absolute Bath Salts ($10.95) created a soothing bathing ritual with the essence of real lavender oil. While fragrant and nourishing to the skin, the aroma was rather ephemeral in the water. It swirled about for a few minutes then dissipated. I got about 3 uses from this jar and would consider buying more again.

I adored the Ostara wax tart I got in the MoonaLisa Goddess bag earlier this year so when I saw a candle in it, I knew I wanted to take the plunge. It is an 8 ounce candle for $13.95. 

Ostara- Notes: Cedarwood, lavender, rose, clove and a touch of Dragon's Blood.

It smells like a beautiful earthy and woody floral with a smooth sweetness. No one note sticks out for me and I love it. The spice is not obvious but lends a warmth, the rose is not obvious but adds plushness, it is just a well wrought scent.

And how cute is that bee embed?! The frosted glass is hefty and reminds me of the frosted glass containers that Arcane Bunny Society utilizes. 

It burned well and took a while to pool to the edge, nice and slow. No tunneling, strong flame. It was a lighter throw in the living area so I took it to my nightstand and I burn it there. I get about a medium to medium-light throw in the smaller room and it gives off a lovely atmospheric aroma. I quite enjoy it.

Two free tart samples in a paraffin formula:

Almond Milk and Blackberry Bramble Tea- Divine. Purple and plump blackberries drizzled with vanilla and almond cream. The fruity tea adds a touch of depth and sweetness. Great blend.

Vanilla Orange Blossom- A touch of neroli bitterness sharpens the white heady orange blossoms and the vanilla just barely hovers like a soft marshmallow musk to take off some of the bite. I look forward to melting this one. 

I may pick up another candle in the future and more bath salts as well. Have you tried the MoonaLisa candles? Buy any of the Faery Realm or Witchy bags this restock? I kinda want the Forest Faery but need to behave. I see they are offering candles again too but at a dollar more, though they have Bohemian Velvet and Warm Hearth and Butterbeer, Halloween Hayride and Enchanted Forest! Swoon. 


  1. Ooh, how beautiful - I love how everything is themed around that royal purple/indigo/gold colour combo; beautiful!

    1. I am digging the colors too! Moona's labels and artwork and branding are pleasing to me.

  2. AH vanilla orange blossom! I needs! And that other sample you got. I *just* got my order a few days ago and it came with a campfire Smores wax sample. I'm still waiting on replacements because I received a few things I didn't order.

    That butter beer candle is really calling out, isn't it?

    1. It is lovely! I need to melt it soon to test it out. Campfire S'mores?! YUM!

      Your order was mixed up? Hoping it resolves soon.

      Yes! Did you order any candles this past time? I was kinda hoping the throw would be a bit stronger. I want some but I am also holding out to hear how they are. I am sure it varies from scent to scent too just like tarts.