Monday, July 10, 2017

Nui Cobalt Designs Arcana Exclusive- Venus Exalted: Tenderness

A picked up a second bottle from the Nui Cobalt Designs exclusive line of Arcana perfume oils after I fell so hard for Mars Exalted: Courage ($21)

Venus Exalted: Tenderness- Notes: Sandalwood, high altitude French lavender, sheer vanilla and soft cinnamon-laced chai spices. 

An incredibly beautiful woody lavender brushes up against the comforting warmth of a cup of chai tea. In the vial, the chai lacks the sometimes harsh bite of pepper that renditions of chai sometimes possess. This is a mellow vanilla blend that soothes rather than stimulates. Once drizzled on the skin the lavender opens up and the once hazy wood note comes into relief as a pine wood forest within the lavender cocoon. An amber vanilla thread weaves through the lavender forest and connects to that sweet porcelain cup of chai. Mellifluous vanilla hugs airy pale sandalwood in the dry down and does indeed inspire tender thoughts and feelings. What more warm hearted and benevolent notes are there than lavender and soft vanilla spice? Some chai tea and sympathy for the soul and skin.

Every single time I wear this, my girls tell me how wonderful I smell.

Only a few bottles are left. If lavender and diaphanous spice are your cuppa, best hurry along now. 

Do you enjoy the lavender and spice combo? Please, do tell me you have at least tried Arcana!


  1. This sounds lovely, but I stay away from cinnamon anything in perfume since my sample vial of Arcana's Pumpkins Crave Terror turned my skin an angry red every place it touched. It's such a lovely scent I haven't been able to part with it, but I sure can't wear it!

    1. Oh no Sarah!! I am so sorry!! Cinnamon can be one the skin is sensitive to for sure. Oh my gravy.... you have Pumpkins Crave Terror?! If you ever decide to part with it please keep me in mind. I would love to buy it from you. I can understand not parting with it. I hear it is amazing.

  2. This is a great scent! I didn't realize it was still in stock though unless Julia restocked it. Her other lavenders like Fille de Joie didn't work out well but this one is perfect <3

    1. You know, I am glad you mention that because I was seriously considering getting Fille de Joie blind but I wasn't sure about the apricot/peachy tone with the lavender. Thank you for saving me from that mistake.

      I think there were a few left on Nui Cobalt Designs perfume oil page. She might restock too. I think she recently added Midsummer to it. (Which of course caught my eye). Kris, you should see the hot mess I got into with Julia's most recent restock on eBay. I went hog wild. Letting them settle and probably going to try and review them one at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. Or at least in scent families. Plus with NAVA re-opening... I have been in perfume heaven.