Saturday, April 29, 2017

Blood Moon Botanica: Final Order before PCT Hike

Guys. Guys. I am totally going to be a butthead again. But I promise this will be the last time I am a butthead about Blood Moon Botanica. You see it is closed right now. Yes. I know. Britton may open at the beginning of 2018 after her Big Hike. But she laid out these fabulous oils and stuff right before she closed shop and I had to try them. And I have to tell you how they are so you too can be prepared for when/if she opens again. So see? I am really just being nice. Not a buttface. Nope. Not me. 

Western Red Cedar Oil (1/2 ounces for $10) though to be used more as an anointing oil, I do plan on using this to fragrance the skin and set an aromatic mood. Britton harnessed the green scaly leaves and heartwood of cedar to brew this oil. She describes is perfectly "the leaf notes along the surface are balsamic and almost fruity, while the heartwood is deep, smoky and has a vibration that beats with an ancient heart." I simply cannot improve upon this, but I will say it is raw and unadulterated in its emanation. I smells like cedarwood life blood. The sacred cedars of Lebanon. Anointed themselves. Next time I will get the one ounce jar.

Blessing Oil (1/2 ounces $10) is composed of frankincense, rose and benzoin. This aromatic combination is also used in the Sacred Rose Butter I am using and loving. Britton created this oil for balancing and calming. And I must say night after night of rubbing this fragrance into my flesh, it is indeed calming. The oil blooms with frankincense resin, golden, woody and sweet. The rose wraps warm and furred while the benzoin amps up the resin. Gorgeous.

Coconut Silk Oil  (1 ounce for $18) is one I sprang full size for because I simply cannot get enough of the Coconut Silk Butter in all its palo santo and coconut and vanilla exquisiteness. I could douse my whole being in this oil and drift away on the clouds of minty coconut woods pleasure. Good grief this scent does me in.

I am over the moon for these hair and body oils and their smells... their labels... their quaint glass bottles. I think I may need to display them somehow. Methinks that Solstice Scents shelf might be a good idea. Have you seen that thing? 

Back to my order, I also picked up these Lip Butters in Bourbon Vanilla and Peppermint ($5 each) housed in these sliding lid tins. Blended using local beeswax, organic virgin olive oil infused with marshmallow root and calendula, squalene and fair trade shea nilotica fruit butter, these lip butters are made with care and conscientiousness. They feel nourishing on the lips and can be used on any skin areas needing some tenderness and attention.

The peppermint tingles and feels refreshing on the lips while the Bourbon vanilla smells richly intense. I would pick these up again in a heartbeat. 

I also grabbed another (yes, my third) small jar of Coconut Silk Butter. I was gunning for the larger 3 ounce size but it sold out lickety split. Next time.

So... yeah. Totally loving me some Blood Moon Botanica. I will be there when Britton returns from her awe inspiring hike along the Pacific Crest Trail and hope she has a safe and healthy and incredible experience. 


  1. Ooh, everything looks and sounds so luxurious! I don't think I've heard of this brand before. The scents sound right up my alley, especially the coconut. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Britton is the creator of Haus of Gloi, she recently stepped down and branched off in a slightly different direction. This is my third order and post about Blood Moon Botanica if you want to search the others out. She makes some incredible products. The coconut is my favorite. I simply cannot get enough of it. I am almost through with my first jar. <3 Hope you are well!

  2. Wow, these look amazing! And how awesome that she's going to hike the PCT <3 that is a dream of mine. I know i will never do it, but I am so happy that others can! Is she going to have a blog about it? I love following those.

    1. Her blog is and I enjoy reading it when she is in Portland. Unfortunately her previous hike had some trials and tribulations that led to recurring despair and a liberal use of profanity, there is a chance that it may not always be uplifting. But wishing her the best and maybe she will have a more positive experience since this will be a more well-traveled route.

    2. They are amazing Nancy! I highly recommend signing up for her newsletter on Archaic Honey and her newsletter for her blog that Jean kindly linked above (thanks Jean!- I am so pooped I took a nap today... my head has been killing me lately). I had never even heard of hiking the PCT until I started following Britton on IG and through her blog. It looks daunting but beautiful. Maybe one day you can do a day hike there or a weekend hike. I can't see myself doing a huge journey such as that but I would love to visit the PNW and hike some parks and forests.