Thursday, December 25, 2014

Beezy: Christmas Haul

Pipe Smoke: Sweet golden raw tobacco leaves hanging from the rafters of barns, pipe shops, and Sherlock Holmes.

Christmas Wish: Christmas trees and sugar cookies, Santa's hug.

Home Sweet Home: Cinnamon and potpourri, country Christmas, .

Frosted Pinecone: Sugared minty pine trees, winter strolls with foggy breaths, Rudolph and Clarice's forest.

Apple Cinnamon: Spiced candied apples, cider and pies, Mrs. Claus' apron.

Vanilla Frosted Grahams: Gingerbread houses, soft homemade caramels, bedtime stories after milk and cookies.

I really enjoy ordering from Beezy when I am quick enough to catch him. He is like Santa. You know he is coming, just not sure exactly when. My only gripe this time is that some of the lids came cracked and pretty much useless. Easily solved by re-bagging, but I am running low on bags. Off to In The Clear I go. 

Free Sample in Hillbilly Homebrew: Zingy spiced cider that pinches your jaw, with the strength of 100 Hillbillies.Great!


  1. Looks like a great haul of Christmasy/wintery scents!! I bet the vanilla frosted grahams smell great!!

    1. The vanilla frosted Graham's and apple cinnamon are my favorite. Oh! And pipe tobacco. I have melted most of them already :-) trying to use up my Christmas scents.

  2. Nice little haul! Have you melted anything from this order? Did you notice if it was lighter than usual? I have melted a couple of the pinecone ones I got and they just didn't throw in typical Beezy fashion. I didn't care for Christmas Wish but now I see why based on the description. Enjoy your haul!

    1. I have. Frosted Pinecones was light. Christmas Wish was a weird combo for me too. Pipe Smoke was strong and long lasting. I hope the rest are strong. Mainly Hillbilly Homebrew and Vanilla Geahams.