Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bodygoodies: Free Shipping Order

Bodygoodies ran a free shipping promotion in the beginning of the month and I knew the pickings were ripe for a fresh bar of Rooibos soap. I may have added an additional item.

The patchouli solid lotion was on sale I believe, for around $5, but is back to $8. At first I was worried it was a little well aged, to be polite about it, but then I saw that it was pulled away from the edges on purpose, so I could tip it out of the tin easily and rub it all over. This disc of love over flows with rich oils and butter. It also smells amazingly strong of dark aged patchouli, hope chests stored in attics long forgotten, stained lace and dried bouquets. This solid lotion is pure joy to wear on my skin. 

The Rooibos was bought as mainly a face soap to use in the shower and bath. Many friends recommended it to help my problem skin (oily/acne). It is a lovely soap that smells pleasant and contains beneficial clay.

Do you plan on trying any new skin care routines in the coming new year? I vow to just be more regular in my makeup brush washing and serum applications.  


  1. I asked for a sample of Rooibos (Lynda mentioned asking for a sample once so I bravely tried it) and am glad I did. Between it and the puck it is patchouli heaven. I hope they do this free shipping sale on an annual basis, I have enough to get me through at least a year right now. Luckily BG seems to be more strongly scented lately so I hope I can get away with hoarding.

    1. Free samples are always appreciated. I was hoping for one but it is no biggie that there wasn't.

      An annual free shipping promo would be sweet! I hope they stay strongly scented for you too! I have about half a dozen bars on my shelf but they go so quickly!!! But I don't mind. It leaves me room for more gathering.