Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tiffany Candles: Black Friday Chunklets

Tiffany Candles is a wax vendor that I have not visited in quite sometime. Probably about 2 years since I ordered a couple scoopable wax scents (Birthday Bash and Serendipity Splash I believe). I remember getting quite a few compliments on Birthday Bash since I melted it during Scarlette's 3rd birthday party. The whirlwind world of wax had me going in all directions sampling and trying until Black Friday offered up the opportunity to purchase Tiffany's Chunklets for $8 a bag. I behaved and only picked one bag.

Chunklets in Creamy Vanilla with Mrs. Frost Over Pour was the choice I made in scents. Since these were pre-made and Ready to Ship (RTS) the turn around time was very short, only about a week I reckon. This blend combines vanilla, cinnamon and peppermint I think. On cold sniff the vanilla stands out with a Red Hot cinnamon lurking underneath, this vanilla has a milky quality. When melted, the strength was medium strong to strong and lasted about 5 hours. The scent remained a creamy cinnamon with a milky hue. I am not sure if I would repurchase this particular blend but it might grow on me yet.

Free samples in Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies & Mashmallow Zucchini Bread- A wonderful BJBC that is juicy and bright with a delicious creamy zucchini bread accent. Excited about this one.

Serendipity Splash- A perky cherry and coconut serendipity blend with a dash of peppermint and maybe pink sugar? I forgot how much a enjoy this scent.

Have you tried Tiffany Candles recently? Any stand out scents?


  1. Love her chunklets, they are typically nice and strong. Sometimes, even stronger than her normal scent shots and things. The gingerbread men are adorable!

    1. I am impressed with the throw these little guys have! I only used one. I have a new vendor to stalk. :-)