Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Skin an Apothecary: Salt Glow & Soy Body Whip

These cute body care products by Skin An Apothecary found their way to me via my sisters Heather and Lindsey as the other part of my birthday gift.

The Soy Body Whip in Aquamarine has a light texture that brims with coconut oil, fatty acids and vitamins that provide a nice slip and emollient feel. I really love the scent. This tidy 2 ounce container of cream holds a nautically beautiful fragrance of sharp white sea flowers, aquamarine waves and coastal breezes. Overall, the smell is very clean and pretty without smelling like laundry detergent, shampoo or harsh florals, which is quite a feat from a fresh ocean scent.

The Salt Glow in Aquamarine does not smell as sharp as the body whip. In fact, it really does not have much of a scent to my nose but as a sea salt scrub it is pretty great. This is one of those salt scrubs that is chock full of oils that make the water bead off of your skin after using. I like these during the dry winter months to slough off the dry skin and moisturize the new pink layer underneath. The particulate in this scrub is slightly coarse so I elected to only use on my feet, legs, and arms. 

Are you finding yourself grabbing the lotion more often? Itching for a good exfoliation? What have you been reaching for?


  1. I've never heard of this company. It's always so fun to see what others find for us, isn't it?

    I've definitely been reaching for more lotion lately. Seems like nothing is working on my hands these days. My Avon lotion is failing me but it has such a nice Christmas scent. LOL


    1. It is fun to be surprised by unexpected gifts and new thing to try.

      I hope you can find a hand cream that will work on your skin soon. Who knows?! Maybe Santa will bring some. I just can't get enough lotion right now. I usually only apply at night but find myself doing it again in the morning.

      It's funny how much us smelly ladies will overlook for a good scent! Lol!!

    2. I used to swear by Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, but now it seems Gold Bond's Healing formula is the one that's working. Problem is, I only have a small travel size tube of it in my locker at work, and always forget to grab more when I'm shopping. Doh!


    3. I have heard good things about Gold Bond. Keihl's is my go to lotion this past year when I know I need serious moisturizing. I got the huge bottle for Christmas and it has lasted me two years!!