Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ten Digit Creations: Black Friday Sale

There were a few great Black Friday deals in the wax vendor world but Ten Digit Creations was the one I knew I was going to really take big advantage of this time around. They were selling their 4-packs of tarts, buy 2 get one free. Three packs came out to $7 and change. Sweet!

I ordered this on Friday (of course! duh Julie), and it arrived like the speed of lightening a few days later. 

Basil Sage & Mint- Repurchase, fresh herbal spa scent.

Tobacco Caramel- Iffy about this one, not quite as smooth and sweet as I would like, the oak and patchouli in it creates a sharper edge to the smell that could otherwise be silky and golden sweet. I popped one in the warmer and my opinion stands. The throw was medium strong and the quality is excellent. I guess I just don't care for the added oak and patch in this blend. 

Patchouli Passion- Repurchase, beautifully sophisticated home fragrance, not headshoppy at all (don't get me wrong though, I LOVE my dirty hippy smells- this is just not on the spectrum at all).

Coriander & Tonka- A sweet deep vanilla-esque scent that is surprising with its touch of lightly spiced coriander that has a slight green, soapy lean. It is very unique and interesting which is what I love about TDC scents.

Rosewood & Amber- Repurchase, still in love.

Marshmallow Fireside- More marshmallowy and that is how I like it, the fireside is a true bonfire scent, not that sweet yet strange acrid scent that some vendors use (bonfire bliss in particular). Thumbs up (still not a BBW dupe, but preferable to most dupes out there for me).

Vintage Vanilla- Repurchase, slightly musky and perfumey vanilla, gorgeous.

Molasses Cookies- I normally don't do bakery from TDC, but Sunnee raved so I caved, glad I did. It is not your average cookie. The molasses and ginger contribute dimensions that are not normally present in a typical sugar cookie scent.

Cinnamon Sandalwood- What an interesting scent! Smells like aged cinnamon bark left in a perfumed wooden box in the attic. Love it.

Honey Lemon- Repurchase, excellent and unexpected scent.

Black Magic- Repurchase, Claire Burke dupe of spiced rose potpourri that is lovely.

Lavender Mint- Stunning herbal lavender and crisp cool mint leaves, a sleeper hit for sure.

Freebies in Cider Lane- Great dupe for the BBW scent, caramel apple yumminess.
Desert Moon- Shines with teakwood but has other notes mixed in to create a complex symphony of scents that is enchanting and will be purchased again.

Once again, I adore my TDC purchase. I am getting nice throw, exciting scents, affordable prices and rapid delivery. What more could a waxy gal ask for? Have you been thinking about sticking to one or two vendors lately? If I did, I know TDC would be one for me.


  1. I love that TDC is open all the time and has a fast TAT. If I ever get back to ordering wax again, it will be those type of vendors that get my business.


    1. Hopefully by spring you will be running dangerously low on home fragrance and need/want to place an order :-)

      After these past two gratifying TDC orders, I am thinking these types of vendors are going to be my go-tos when I am needing restocks.

  2. I love TDC! I've only been melting wax for a few months, but they have become one of my favorite vendors. They are so reliable, affordable, and their waxes perform wonderfully for me. I just got their body butter as well -- I am in love! I immediately ordered several for Christmas gifts. My fave scent from them is Lavender and Coconut Milk, but I haven't had one I don't like, and there are many I love. Great vendor! And peeling their wax melts away from their wrapper reminds me of eating a Reese's. :)

    1. Hi Futurowoman!! I love TDC too! Nice to hear you like their body butter. I need to try that out. I love a good body butter like no one's business. I have not tried their Lavender Coconut Milk. I will put that on my next order.

      I totally get that Reese's peeling satisfaction from their tarts too!!! Or like peeling a yummy cupcake. My brain tells me I am about to experience something good. I hope your holidays are going well! What did you pick up as gifts fromTDC?

  3. One thing that I loved during my BF purchase with TDC is their scent selection. I think I'm starting to gravitate towards non-bakery (not entirely) scents and TDC is top notch for these type of scents. I've been very happy with all my TDC purchases and love that they are always open.
    Futurowoman's Reece's analogy for peeling the paper from the wax is PERFECT.

    1. Spot on!! That scent list is impressive! There are so many interesting scents and I want to try them all! Sometimes with vendors I find that their scent blends or choices are not what I gravitate towards but TDC is just what I enjoy. I agree Sunnee, I am craving those home fragrances that make a home smell pretty and unique.

      Her Reese's analogy made me smile!