Saturday, December 13, 2014

Serge Lutens: Un Bois Vanille

Buying perfume directly from the Serge Lutens website is not the most cost effective means to obtaining his incredible juice, but it does ensure that it is legit. There are a few fragrances of his I am wishing for a full bottle of, but I always wait until I have saved my pennies and there is a promotion. Preferably the free shipping and two 5mL mini bottles offer. Angels fell from heaven and illuminated such a deal in the beginning of December (and they relayed this info via the Serge Lutens newsletter- the angels have an excellent 4G network). 

The two scents I wanted most were unavailible (Fille en aiguilles and Chergui) but Un Bois Vanille was there and waiting to come to me. I always have a few Serge's on my radar to get in a full bottle. The perfume arrives in a substantial black bag filled with black tissue.

Un Bois Vanille is an easy Serge to love. Exquisite white orchid vanilla bean pods crackling with black shiny beads of sugared fragrance hover above base notes of pale woods bleached in golden sunlight. If vanilla is your thing, give this one a go.

All purchases come with 4 free samples. I chose three 1mL sprays and a card of wax solid samples to accompany my two free 5mL bottles. Very brief descriptions of each:

La fille de Berlin- an electric rose

Fille en aiguilles- pine needles and Christmas time (saving this to wear on Christmas Eve, my precious)

Gris clair... - steel lavender buds, haunting

L'orphaline- grey fog of incense and musk lurking in cold dark places

Feminite' du bois - soft spiced woods

The wax solid samples are fun to rub on your wrists and experience a bit of the scents, but they are not really representative of the fragrance as a whole. It is like seeing a skeleton and knowing what the animal looks like but having no idea what were the color of the fur or eyes. There remains the base notes but the top and mid range is long gone or perhaps never there to begin. Perfume bones. 

Fall in love with any new perfumes lately? 


  1. all your perfumes always seem so fancy!! i love it! (& excellent bokeh effects goin on!)

    I purchased the Coach: Poppy roller ball trio from Sephora while I was stateside, and I have fallen in LOVE with Poppy Wildflower!! I love them all.. but that one... *sigh* she's glorious!!

    I wore Soltice Scents "Attic" yesterday... and I'm in love with that too! I'm not always able to wear 'heavy' scents.. but I was diggin this one! Hubby even approved, so it'll be going into the rotation... I have to say though, my Play-doh perfume is still pretty much the most awesome perfume i own! & yes, i wear it frequently! ;)

    1. If you like sweet vanilla you would probably like Un Bois Vanille. Glad you still love your Play-Doh perfume!! Demeter has some fun fragrances!

      Attic was nice but just not for me. I love smelling and trying new things though, just can't carry them all off you know? Like that tomato and dandelion scents I sent you long ago.

      Poppy has some excellent flankers! I will have to set my nose on Poppy Wildflower next Sephora trip (which needs to be soon... Only $10 away from VIB renewal).

  2. One of my Solstice Scents samples for last year grew on me in the past few weeks, Midnight Oil. My initial impression was it was too foodie because cocoa is the main note and masking the other notes but as I got to the bottom of the vial, there was a better mix, and I could smell the base notes (patchouli and mushroom). I ordered a bottle yesterday, hoping if I remember to shake it will be okay.

    1. Cocoa, patch and 'shroom?! How cool!!! I have only sampled one mushroom based perfume before, Aftelier Cepes & Tuberose, and it was so neat! Glad you were able to score a full bottle. Shake shake shake!!!


  3. Those look wonderful -- I need to smell them! :)
    I recently got a bottle of Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black, and I LOVE it. It is my absolute favorite! I also got Nest's Midnight Fleur, which I also adore, as well as Atalier Cologne's Orange and Vanilla cologne's (can't go wrong). Fine fragrances are always so lovely!

    1. There are some exquisite perfumes in this bunch Futurowoman! It is funny you mention Black as I just was gifted that and I agree. It is pretty stellar. I also wore NEST Midnight Fleur to church today and love it. I only wished it would last longer.

      We must be scent twins as Orange Sanguine and Vanille Insensee are two of my favorite Atelier colognes as well (Silver Iris is great too!! Oh! And their Rose Anonyme).