Friday, December 19, 2014

Sephora: VIB $20 off $50 Purchase

At the end of the year, in early December, Sephora Beauty Insiders, VIB's, and Rouge members all get coupons. They range from $15 off (BI), $20 off (VIB), or $25 off (Rouge) of a $50 purchase. I eagerly await this coupon, as high end makeup discounts can be rare. I originally had desired to use this on the Urban Decay Naked 3 pallet, but my face told me to be nice and get new skin care instead. I am at the age where I should be vigilant about my skin care routine, but the pretty colors so easily distract me....

So. In a concerted effort to avoid looking like Alastor Moody, I walked past the Urban Decay Naked 3 pallet in all its rosy glory with my head in the air and only one eye cut in its direction, right to the clearance rack to scour the skin care goods. I found this Dr. Dennis Gross Brightening Solution that pinky swears to reduce my wrinkles and uneven skin-tone from too many days basking in the Anna Maria Island sunshine. It was normally $88, on sale for $40. I still would not have paid $40, if it weren't for my coupon and $20 gift card. 

I have been using this for a week now and I do like it. I feel like the pads help exfoliate the skin while the serum is refreshing. I cannot attest to lessening wrinkles or spotting but I can say it isn't hurting. I will keep on and report back after a few more weeks. Deal?

I had to spend $10 more I so picked up this Soap and Glory Great Kisser lip balm in peppermint. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it has a plush cushiony feel. It makes my lips shine with a wee bit of sparkle and has a light minty scent and even lighter tingle. I keep this in my car for dry lip emergencies.

Did you score anything with your Sephora coupon? Does your money gravitate towards makeup or skin care? Have you tried expensive serums or doodads?


  1. I hope you like the serum, it is hard to know what works with anti-aging products. I bought Neova's DNA Total Repair cream with high hopes after seeing commercials claiming wrinkle reversal. I've used it in small spurts but haven't stuck with it because the ingredients aren't listed and I'm a little nervous about that. So I use serums from Etsy a few times a week. But when it comes to skincare, diet has the biggest effect on how my skin looks.

    1. Oh Jean! You used the "D" word. When I was eating really healthy a couple of years ago my skin pretty much stayed the same. But I need to get back to a healthier lifestyle at any rate. :-) ye old resolutions! Aftelier has face oils I want to use.

    2. By the way, Naked3 - want! A set of rosy neutrals is what I've been looking for. Tarte's In the Buff quad was talking to me but Naked3 looks even better. Right now if I use shadow I usually apply one neutral color all over, but I'd like to work on some more finished looks.

    3. If you're okay with another rec, Lynda and I are gaga for Rainwater Botanicals for facial care. Their labels are plain but they use truly effective anti-aging ingredients. I'll thinking about trying to make a batch of soap over the holidays, if I do I'll send a sample of it for feedback and a serum sample.

    4. Naked 3 really is nice. I have Naked 2 and love it, but I think the rose tones will be a good match for me.

      I always appreciate recs :-) And making soap?! Fun! I look forward to trying it. <3