Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rosegirls: The Tail End of My June Order

I had a few June Rosegirls stragglers arrive not too long ago. Jenny was very sweet and let me make two scent changes before it shipped and here they are:

Blueberry Hill- I believe this is Boo Berry and Frankenberry combined. On cold it smells like a berrylicious cereal blend that is perky with sugar. It gets a lot of love from customers and I can see why.

Peppermint/Vanilla Bean Noel/Christmas Past muffins- Jenny posts fun photos of random or favorite Customer Blends of the Day on her Facebook business group page. This was one of them. Kudos to the customer who blended this baby up. It is a wonderful minty pine with a breath of vanilla to keep it from being overbearing. In love.

Oh Captain, My Captain- I may have acted a fool when I saw this in my box. A Carlton dance or Sprinkler and/or a Pony Ride may have been busted out in the living room. This sandalwood and patchouli blend has been high on my dream list for quite some time. It smells clean and fresh like a just soaped and showered person. Slightly manly person. Who uses excellent and perhaps expensive bathing products. I enjoy this. The strength of this on cold tells me I may be able to get 4 or 5 melts out of this large cookie. I am extremely grateful to have this! <3

Have any of your waxy wishes come true? Landed a scent you have been dying to try? What are some of your Pot of Gold scents that seem just out of reach?


  1. YOU GOT THE CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!! Glad you got the last couple of items. That Peppermint/Vanilla Bean Noel/Christmas Past sounds like an amazing blend!

    1. I did! I did!!! So beyond thankful and excited!! I am melting one of the muffins this week. Already have my next melting basket layed out, ready to go!