Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Random Bathroom Basket

This won't be a regular series like the Melting Basket but I did realize I have not featured any of the scents I tend to melt in our guest bathroom (I don't melt in my bathroom, it is close enough to our bedroom that I don't need to). So here is a peek into my bathroom basket. All are gifts <3

Glitterati Seabreeze & Spearmint
Thirty Street Rocky Mountain Cucumber Melon
Haley's Heavenly Scents Hawaiian Sandalwood
Tiffany Candles Nordic Spa
The Bathing Garden Neroli Orange Blossom
K's Kreations Refreshing
Rainbow Melts Sour Garden
Scentsy My Dear Watson

I am funny about bathroom scents. I like them fresh/clean and sometimes but rarely fruity. I use a tiny wall plug-in Scentsy warmer in there with a small dish so all these have to be cut up which can be a pain, but they last for a few days. Do you melt in your bathroom? What scents do you gravitate towards?


  1. Nice little basket of melts! What is Rainbow Melts Sour Garden? Melting in the bathroom was the best decision I ever made! You're lucky to have a bedroom near your bathroom so you can just use one warmer to fill both rooms with scent! I love that you melt in your spare bathroom! Do you think you might ever add a warmer to your main bathroom even though it's close, though? <3

    1. Thanks! My friends filled it up! Xoxo

      Sour Garden is fun! It is fruity and strong and very tart. Like sour patch kids. I agree warmers in the bathroom are excellent. I may try one day for one in the main bathroom. The airflow is weird in there. Kinda stagnant. Maybe I should experiment.

  2. I also use a Scentsy plug in for my master bath -- I love to have minty fragrances in the bathroom especially.

    1. Minty!!! I should have thought of that, mint fiend that I am! Minty scents will start going in the bathroom basket. Great idea. Hope you have been doing well Futurowoman!