Friday, December 5, 2014

Front Porch: Tiny Minty Haul 2

I promise this is not a duplicate post. I really did order again. The colors just happen to be the same. 

Pink Mallow Peppermints- Lauren first enabled me on the whole pink peppermint blend. My love has only intensified. Which is strange, as most scents I adore, I eventually "go off" of like: zucchini bread, serendipity, wildberry mousse, sugar corn pudding and such. If I lay off, the love comes back and then I have to ration. But I could melt pink peppermint every day of my life and be fine. This one is heavenly. Sharp minty base with a smattering of Pink Sugar and creamy marshmallow to round it out.

Peppermints- I have been suffering from a head cold that has accompanied my ear infection as of late and was stuffy. I knew Angie has a reputation for killer mints and when I saw this listed, I immediately bought it. I melted this on a night when I was at my worst and I could STILL detect minty nirvana through my stuffy, sniffling, runny nose. The most potent peppermint ever. I love it. When not sick I will probably cut this in half. I am truly surprised Adam didn't protest now that I smell it with a clear nose. Wowza. (I just asked him about it and he said he couldn't smell a thing o_0 This proves it. He really is hard of smelling.) I swear this is a nose hair burner. In a totally good way.

And three days after this came I saw Pink Chill listed. Guess who will be getting another tiny minty Front Porch Haul. Once, Twice, Three Times a Mint Hoarder.


  1. Hope you're feeling better!! Was this one of the peppermint samples you gave me? If so, I really like it! Love peppermint & minty scents! :-)

    1. I am feeling better. I have been getting an ear infection once a month. No fun. Hopefully I can get it straightened out. I gave you marshmallow peppermint twist <3 glad you like it! I adore peppermints too!