Saturday, June 16, 2018

23.5 N Skin Care from Beautibi

These products were sent free as a part of the Beautibi panel in exchange for honest reviews. 

Beautibi is an Asian skincare boutique that I have purchased from a few times before. I love their beauty boxes and sheet mask bundles. Through one of these boxes I sampled a few 23.5N products and quite enjoyed them, particularly the Oriental Beauty Tea Toner and the Peppermint Refreshing Facial Cleanser. I recently became a part of Beautibi's 5th Beauti Panel to test out 23.5N Rice Soothing Active Essence and Red Pearl Barley Brightening Treatment Oil.

The Rice Soothing Active Essence uses natural ingredients and is fragrance free. Rice ferment filtrate from sake production, oryza sativa (rice) extract and sodium hyaluronate are the primary active ingredients in this essence which brightens and soothes dull skin, particularly irritated skin. And mine is usually quite irritated at me. I wash my face with cleanser at night and use toner in the morning when I wake up, after performing those two rituals I applied two pumps of this product to my fingertips and massaged into my face for the past three days. It is a light liquidy gel texture and feels like soothing watery aloe going onto the face, but without the slickness or stickiness. Very hydrating feel to it. There is a calming sensation that comes from smoothing this onto my face. Three days is too soon to notice a visible difference but I have not had any adverse reactions to this essence and my skin does feel more mellow and clear without the redness I sometimes get in my cheeks and on my nose. My acne seems less angry. I took a before photo and will share it. No filter, no editing, natural light. Crazy hair. I will come back in two weeks for an after photo and share them side by side. 

For my morning routine, after applying the essence I have been massaging this Red Pearl Barley Brightening Treatment Oil onto my face. I like a brightening boost for the start of the day. Usually from here I add SPF and/or my tinted moisturizer with SPF from Nars. If I just do the SPF my face goes nude for the day and sometimes those are my favorite days. As a sufferer of acne I do feel more comfortable if my skin is as calm as possible to go without makeup, but I will regardless. The treatment oil uses red pearl barley, red quinoa, and red pomegranate to nourish the skin and is great for uneven skin tones. This feels amazing on the skin. I shake it up (as the oils separate) and squeeze a dropper full onto my fingertips and apply. The oils feel plush and soak easily into the skin, leaving it feeling and looking velvety. I don't think I have noticed any visible difference yet after three days but again, my skin is reacting well to it and it may be combining with the essence to make my skin have the results I noticed above. This smaller travel six is $10, which is a great option for giving it a test drive. The full size 30ml is $49. I quite enjoy the thoughtful products made by 23.5N. They are cruelty free, vegan, made with Halal standard and additive free.

I will report back in two weeks for an update. 

If you decide you would like to give some new skincare a whirl from the many high quality brands offered at Beautibi, you can do so from now until June 30th for 15% off with the code: JULIE15


  1. Check you out, brave beautiful lady. I hope it does what you want and need, wouldn't that be great in a face product?

    1. Yes. Yes it would be great. Sadly, I am thinking this isn't it. I am trying ti give it the benefit of the doubt but we will see.