Thursday, June 14, 2018

Candles From The Keeping Room: Part 4 Woodsy, Herbal, Earthy

Happy Thursday and welcome to a day of outdoorsy aromas from Candles From The Keeping Room here on the blog. What is more earthy and outdoorsy than the wafting scent of patchouli? I believe these next three scents are all new to me from CFTKR. 

Vanilla Patchouli is a very mild mannered patchouli scent. It smells more of dusty vanilla woods and ambery musk rather than earthy patchouli. It is a pretty scent that gives a wonderful atmosphere to the home. It threw at about a medium in the living area and kitchen. Savanna commented on how pretty it smelled and pretty is the word we are going with here. 

Patchouli Chocolate gets the word mmmmmmmmmmm... because it is gooooood. This one strangely reminds me of a man. It is totally a burnished wooden chocolate with whispers of oak and tobacco and paired with the earthy salty tang of patchouli it is downright smoking. I will be getting this blend much more often. I swear I have sampled this before but it will not be passing under my radar neglected any longer. 

Patchouli Musk definitely smells fresh and clean for patchouli scent. In fact, if it wasn't in the name I don't think I would have pegged it for a patch. It smells of fresh air and powdery amber musk along the same lines of vanilla patchouli but less sweet and less earthy. I would say it is a nice white musk fragrance. It throws at about a medium-light in the living room and kitchen. I like it but I probably would not buy it again, which is just as well as I can't be buying everything again. 

Blue Cedar Lavender always clears my mind and brings me peace and calm. The lavender is velvety and softly herbal, the cedar is stately yet delicate. It is brilliant. And it throws nicely too. I simply love it. 

Woodland Festival captured my attention this opening. I am always trolling for scents with woods. This particular one touts patchouli, citrus, clove, mint, lavender, jasmine and pine. The scent is well blended despite all the heavy hitting notes. It actually has a sweet roundness to it that belies all the sharp, herbal and often times strong notes. The orange and jasmine meld effortlessly with the softwoods and remind me of a more Mediterranean woodland of the shore. It is a lovely fragrance. 

White Cedar Forest was one of my scent requests. I think it is really cool that Carol does that. And most times she will make just about everything that is requested if she is able to. White Cedar Forest, despite being one of my top wax scents, actually doesn't smell anything like it's name. It smells of cardamom sweetened coconut and vanilla musk. The woods are creamy sandalwood. This throws strong and smells fantastic. 

Swedish Dream Salt attributes its new life in my home, once again, due to the power of Carol's samples. With notes of cucumber, lavender, balsam, lime and salty ocean breezes, I probably would have passed it by (cucumber and I are on tepid terms). But I got the chance to melt this when Carol was sampling it and I fell in love with this fresh scent. Fresh and clean in a genre I am terribly picky about, much like fruits. This one lacks any artificial or harsh suggestions. It smells exactly like a seaside spa. The salty sea air does have threads of herbs and pines embroidered within it. 

Cedar Sage and Blackberry was another scent I requested. The blackberries are dark and plump but not overly sweet or juicy. They temper the green sage and cedar. It throws strong and smells even better once melted. Repurchase every time. 

Mulberry Home Interiors caught my eye because it reminded me of my mom. In fact, I bought this just for her. She used to have Home Interiors parties and PartyLight parties. She loved Mulberry and always liked to order Mulberry scented candles. This one is tart and sweet and smells like cranberries and mixed berries with sprigs of greenery for garnish. I hope she likes it. 

Smoked Vanilla somehow got past me for a good long while, I think. I saw someone mention it in a scent request list and my heart speed up! It is a dupe of one of my adored Bath & Body Works candles, Smoked Vanilla. I had this a winter or two ago and absolutely loved it. This one smells dead on. Smoky vanilla woods with a tonka bean warmth. Mama is getting another bag of this gem.

Pink Sugared Watermelon in a woodsy, herbal, earthy post? I know, I know. It totally "which one of these is not like the other" but I only have this one fruit scent so I had to stick it somewhere. This one is for Savanna as she is my watermelon girl. She LOVES watermelon wax tarts. This one brims with melon goodness and has the added pinkness of sweet cotton candy caramel sugar. Good enough to eat and perfect for summer. 

Of course, as usual, I would raid the Designer/Earthy/Floral category until my wallet ran dry but needs must. Smoked Vanilla and Chocolate Patchouli are two new top contenders and will become regulars in the line up. What are some of your favorite tart scents from Carol in this genre? 


  1. White Cedar Forest sounds so crazy good. :O
    This is of course my favorite scent category. I'm still so new to Carol's wax, but reading through selections in this category are always the best. ;)
    I've been looking through her extensive scent list to see about requesting anything specific for next opening.. you just drool reading through. Lol

    1. I fell for it hard. It isn't anything like it sounds (I love cedar so I was expecting that) but it still works for me. I have been sampling from Carol's huge scent lists for years and years but still have so many that I have not even made it to. But it sure is fun trying! I will stalk the request list to see if you ask for anything. <3

  2. Found my scent page. I need every one of these

    1. YES! Aren't these the best scents ever? I can never get enough woods, amber, spice.