Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: Laurel & Lime

I have a new jewelry crush. Katie Kelly from Laurel & Lime. I picked up an adorable oak leaf ring from her over the holidays last year and my sister bought a few amazing pieces from her as well. Darby looks like a rock star in her meteorite earrings and hand with thorns necklace. I coveted many of Katie's pieces but I was finally sent over the edge last weekend. I chose these Hollow Armor dangle earrings ($68) crafted from silver and bronze. They have a nice length but are very light weight. I feel sassy in them. 

I also raided the "sale" section where I picked up these bar earrings on the cheap and a bangle. 

The bangle is hammered copper with one polished end that states "ever revolving". It was a steal at $11. I picked up a matching one for Darby. 

Because it is all Darby's fault. She introduced me to this wonderful ladysmith. <3 Katie Kelly operates out of Clearwater, FL which is very near. Darby and joke about popping in on Katie and hanging out with her for the day. Not sure how Katie would like that, though. We can be goofy. 

Follow Laurel & Lime on IG for random coupon codes! She tends to be very generous with them. She is always making new things for her shop too. Ferns are her current theme and I am digging them. Oh! She even has an adorable silver vase necklace that you can tuck tiny wee flowers inside of. >sigh<


Are you into ferns? Can you keep them alive? Tell me your fern secrets.


  1. Loving that cuff, very cool stuff. I have some invasive ferns that I hate* which insist on taking over two of my flowerbeds every Spring/Summer no matter how much effort I put into digging them up every year:/ Tell me your secrets for destroying them, bwahaha!

    I think they were planted by the previous homeowners for 'hiding' the central air unit, but they are monsters which choke out any living thing in their path.

    1. Hahahaaa! The key to killing them is loving them. As soon as you desire their life, they spend it away. There you go. Now you have my secret. Is yours the Boston fern? Like in the photos? These grow wild in the woods behind our house and everytime I dig some up and put them in a pot they wither and die. But they do like roaming about free and wild. Sorry about your fern invasion. Our neighbors have some Mexican Petunias that grow rampant like that. But they have pretty purple flowers so I don't mind.

  2. Kill em with kindness, very clever. I shall try to nurture them, that should do it! I don't know if they are Boston ferns, but they look similar to yours, same leaves, maybe a lighter green. I used them as backdrop to a Scentsy wax post last Spring because they are springy-green and hella abundant.

    1. At least they are pulling their weight a little bit by being props for photo shoots. LOL!