Monday, June 4, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy: Purpose Oil

There are six oils in Nocturne Alchemy's Purpose Oil collection and they are all available right now for a limited time, until June 22nd I believe. The funny thing about this collection is that I was gifted a sample of Guidance from my friend Niki and my husband and I fell in love with it. From Niki's blog I discovered I could buy this oil from a place called Blackest Rose. So I popped over there and picked it up and another oil too. Turns out that site was pretty much abandoned but the owner shipped my order anyway and though one of the bottles was out she did gift me with a different one. Then Nocturne Alchemy must have been reading my mind because they relaunched the Purpose Oils so I was finally able to get the one that got away. These run $26 each and are created with intention behind each scent for a zone of focus. 

Guidance- Notes: French and Egyptian lavender buds, white musk, ylang ylang absolute, Boswellia Rivae frankincense resin, orange essential, limestone resin and vanilla flecks.

This is the one Adam loves to sniff on me. From the bottle wafts the gentle hum of tropical flowers (that mellow fruity ylang ylang) and orange segments. It is balanced by the white musk and lavender so it doesn't smell like a fruit salad. It is quite lovely. On the skin it is very similar, yellow ylang ylang with waxy jasmine tones married to vibrant citrus. The tropical paradise settles and sweetens with the nudge of vanilla beans, but it never gets too sweet or creamy. The resins ground the perfume a touch but with their own lemony facets they add to the sparkle. This really is an uplifting and shimmering scent that smells utterly beautiful. Perfect for spring or summer in these hot Florida days. I am forever grateful Niki gifted me a sample of this one.

Strength- Notes: Sky musk, solar amber, white patchouli, Egyptian dragon's blood resin, Kobalt vanilla resin, Bastet's Blue Incense accord, orange zest and lavender buds.

This is one that was given to me when I ordered from The Blackest Rose (which is now Magical Omaha) and I am thrilled to have it. Right out of the bottle this smells like a sweet and fresh springtime dragon's blood. I love it. On the skin the dragon's blood is nuanced by the supporting notes into a light and airy version. It smells like the resin was formed in the highest peaks of a jagged mountain range where the blue sky pressed upon the Asian palms that produce it. It has hues of deep clear blues and pillowy whites. It smells of sunshine and summer breezes. A resin for spring and summer.

Protection- Notes: Sandalwood Gold, Sandalwood White, Egyptian Sandalwood-Amber, rosewood incense, California White Desert sage and Crystal vanilla absolute.

This is the one that I added at The Blackest Rose that was out of stock. I was a bit giddy once I saw Nocturne Alchemy stocked in in their spring resurgence. In the amber vial those woods and that sage are phenomenal. Even though there isn't a mention of evergreen or pine I almost get a hint of that from the bottle, I think it might be the sage. On the skin the sage blooms peppery and camphorous and beautiful. Sandalwoods mesh in an austere, almost cedar laden fashion. It smells of sun-bleached southwestern beaches. Blonde sandalwoods and cedars, desert sage and a touch of creosote and incense in the air. Just a whiff. Just for a moment. So happy to have this gorgeous rendition of sandalwood in my collection. 

Other Purpose Oils include: Spirit Light (jasmine and musk), Focus (herbs and palo santo) and Inner Love (rose and geranium). I hear great things about these as well. Have you ever dabbled in the spirit or purpose oils? I wear mine for scent but just curious. :-)

I will be featuring several perfumes from the Spring collection this week. Nocturne Alchemy will be out of the office and won't be shipping from June 5th through the 17th. The Spring collections come down June 22nd at midnight. 


  1. Ah, the smell of Dragon's Blood in the springtime...nothing like it;) I think I'm in a sleep-deprived mood today, so my messages might get increasingly more delusional. I caught up with responses on all of your comments over the weekend and I appreciate your thoughts, I miss you and Sandra and our more frequent interaction mightily.
    Onto the smellies, can't say I've tried a purpose oil, but I have a couple doterra blends. I have been purposely dousing my ankles and limbs with peppermint because it's supposed to help combat ticks-they are an evil menace this year. Johnny's had 2 suckers and I pulled one off of my neck just sitting on my deck one evening (I wigged out!) I am interested in these manifestation blends- Focus sounds like something I need right now, my attention levels are atrocious and I have a bit of a foggy mind lately. What do you use to sharpen the synapses, anything that you notice helps, whether perfume based or herbal?

    1. Hahahaa! Well, for this old hippy soul it can be quite the thing. I hope you can get some rest soon. I miss you guys too. Hopefully we can all get some modicum or normalcy here soon. <3

      Ticks! No thank you. But peppermint sounds like my kind of deterrent. I love peppermint. We get ticks here too but not as bad I don't think. At least I haven't come across any in all my years living here though I know they are out there and I am pretty big on being outdoors. But keep those buggers away for sure. Nasty critters.

      Coffee. Coffee always helps me. But for a more healthy pick me up, I honestly know I am sharper and more alert when I cut out excess sugar from my diet. Plus I enjoy cedar and bergamot and citrus and jasmine for enlivening scents. Cedar especially though. I have some pure Western Red Cedar that I dabble on for a jolt of nature and verve.

  2. Heck yeah to the Cedar recommendation friend, I'll have to find some:) I may drink so much coffee that it loses it's benefits-yet, it's my comfort drink and I love it. I HAVE cut out sugar, been on a low-carb diet and I have to say I don't miss the sugar as I thought I might, it's been an interesting challenge. I do miss starchy carbs though-I kid you not, early on I actually dreamed of eating a loaf of just-baked bread and I was searching around asking ppl to stop me, lol.
    Ticks are a bane here, especially bad the last couple years, I've been walking Johnny on the neighborhood roads rather than our beloved trail bc there's less chance of a tick incident. Hate 'em.

    1. Cedar soothes me. I just popped over to Olympic Orchids' site and finally bought some Woodcut that I have been missing for years after sampling it. It is like just sawn Christmas trees with cedar. But it may be a bit strong... I will send you a sample.

      Cutting out sugar always helps me to feel better but I also have a huge Sugar Dragon that resides in my body and it craves it like the most addicting drug on the planet. I can do without pasta and rice and those things but sweets? Man alive I could eat them all.

  3. I have 2 conjure oils from Hexennacht. A courage one and a sensual one, I can't say I've tried to use either for their intended purpose. I used DTF- the sensual one as perfume and my husband *out of the blue* complimented me on it.. he usually only has something to say about my fragrances if it's negative or unsavory. lol

    1. OMG we are married to the same man!! Adam usually thinks I smell like a man since my choices tend to be herbal, woodsy, resinous. But when I put on Guidance, he actually said I smelled good LOL! Adam would be happiest if I wore DKNY Green Apple or something fruity and swertly aquatic like that, which is basically the opposite of anything I desire. I feel bad sometimes and will try to wear something he would enjoy on a date night but other than that I slather on my beloveds.

    2. Yeah, my husband doesn't care for a lot of scents. But typically anything nag champa, earthy or herbal leaning he'll like. So, that's great for me! Haha
      At least we don't have husbands that completely ban all of our beloved scents.. my husband has expressed to me that I really shouldn't melt anymore wax containing a leather note. :( I'm thinking I just need to find a good strong scent to blast it out with, so he won't know I melted some by the time he comes home. Lmao