Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: My Favorite Studs

I love my stud earrings. I have three piercings in each ear plus a cartilage piercing. I like to have choices but do prefer tiny cute ones most of the time. After collecting a nice little stash I wanted to share some of my favorite stud earring silversmiths. 

Marta Oms creates chic simple studs as well as intricate wee skulls and other nature inspired earrings. I have many from Marta as she prices them very affordably, they are great quality and they have a nice post size, not too long and not too short. Pictured above are some larger skulls I purchased, you can see the smaller ones here. Sadly, I lost one of these mini skulls so I picked those up again recently. Mini Skulls ($18)

These rose studs are from Marta Oms as well. 

Star studs from Marta Oms.

Mini moon studs from Marta Oms ($12). Marta is very responsive to messages and frequently has sales. She had 20% off recently and I picked up some turquoise studs and mini punk earrings. She also has lady bugs, feathers, opals and more. 

Nicole at Arrok is another ladysmith that I frequently pick up earrings from. These heart studs are easy to wear and look pretty with just about anything ($32).

These bees. Utterly perfect. Nicole has a pair of spiders that I keep eyeing up too. The bees were ones I had scooped up when she had an earring sale. If you follow Arrok on IG or Facebook you will catch frequent sales and codes as well. ($34)

These sparrows from Arrok were a Christmas gift from Adam last year. They are a touch on the larger side but still fly alongside my other earrings pretty well, not too much crowding if I wear some smaller studs next to them. I bought some really cool wing ear climbers from Nicole for my sister Darby for her birthday. Nicole also carries stars, moons, infinity symbols, owls, wings, wolves, starfish and lightening bolts. 

Stasia, at The Cave Lady, crafts some cool earrings and jewelry as well. I picked up these weaver studs ages ago and wear them pretty often in my second holes ($13). Stasia also creates arrows, hammered studs, polished studs and other abstract designs. 

My all time favorite maker to get teeny tiny micro studs is from Candice Vostrejs on Etsy. I tried to use the wee amber corked jar as a kind of reference for size of the earrings, and these guys are SMALL. And I love having teeny earrings in my third holes. I tend to lose these as they are so small, so I have purchased multiple pairs from her ($13). She also creates them in copper and bronze and in bars, stars and open circles, which kind of fascinate me, and other geometric shapes. I will probably order more soon as I am down to this last pair. 

All these earrings are in either sterling or fine silver. 

Do you have a favorite place to buy handmade silver stud earrings? 


  1. Lovely, lovely all of it. You may have inspired me to look at studs again, or at least revisit those in my jewel box which are utterly neglected. I have sensitivity, not just to metals but to the physical presence in my lobes.
    I was just eyeing a star/moon set of studs the other day, but these are much more affordable-one could grab both and wear one of each!

    1. Thanks!! I am glad you mentioned that. About the whole foreign object in the ear thing. Savanna has metal sensitivity with her ears but even when I buy pure silver or gold she still gets some itching. So we just take them out for periods of time and then she puts them back in when she wants. I never considered it was an object issue. Hm.

      Funny you say that about the star and moon... I do just that. I wear one star in one ear and one moon in the other. <3