Monday, June 25, 2018

Glitterati: Mystery Box

Janine is the best. Very much the sweetest. She saw that I gifted away the Mystery Box that I had purchased for my blog's birthday and she sent me one to keep for myself. <3 Glitterati chunks have the magical vibrant scents that make any home smell summery and bright. Janine recently hit a big milestone too, she has 7,000 members in her Facebook group and hinted at having some big celebrations tonight. Make sure to join in the fun. The best way to get some Glitterati in your life if you aren't on the custom or Mystery Box sign ups is to join in on the Sunday flash sales. 

Strawberry Pink Chiffon Cookies is so sweet and yummy. It smells of cotton candy frosted cupcake perfume to me. I forgot how much I enjoy Pink Chiffon. It blends really well with other scents. 

Wildberry Crumb Cake is rich and thick and strong, full of that dense wildberry mousse and extra crumbly cake. There is almost a shortbread vibe there.

Mandarine Mimosa Mango Mojito sparkles with light orange effervescence and the herbal tones from the mint mojito create freshness and tamp down the sweetness. It is a clever summer blend. I melted a quarter of a chunk in each warmer and it threw medium, creating a billowy citrus atmosphere. 

Blood Orange Blonde Moment is mouthwatering!!! Blonde Moment... good golly I forgot how much I love that sweet bubbly grape, add an intense orange to it and it smells like an orange Airhead and grape Pop Rocks had a love child. And I want to eat that baby.

Tart Berries & White Tea is an old favorite. The tart berries have currants in the mix and the white tea is pleasantly floral. It is a lovely scent that is perfect for airy summer melting. 

Strawberry Slush has a creamy component to it. Like an iced strawberry gelati with soft serve vanilla swirled in. I need to go to Gelati Joe's now. I think this has the Strawberry Jam fragrance oil in it. It smells familiar like that. It is great. 

Mandarin Clean Air lifts up in a lemony bright citrus cloud of bubbly freshness. Like a lemon and orange seltzer water.

Sunflower Sexy Citrus Berry Ocean mixes up the 90's powerhouse perfume of tweens everywhere, Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden, with salty ocean aquatics and subtle fruits. Thankfully the fruits and ocean notes help tame the flamboyant yellow perfume. 

Vicious Sex on the Beach sounds like something that someone should get arrested for, but it smells amazing. Just might be one of my favorite blends of the bunch. It is a punchy blend of red fruits and tropical sweetness, maybe some banana leaf and watery melons, orchids and plumeria. 

Cranberry Yuzu Fresh Pear is very unique blend. Even though only fruits are listed I get a touch of bakery. Maybe the pears have caramel or the cranberries are in a cobbler? It has a holiday warmth to it with out any spice. 

This Glitterati box brims with jeweled fruits and oceanic freshness. It is the perfect way to scent my summer. Thank you Janine for your generosity! 

What is your favorite summery scent blend? 


  1. Wow!! What an amazingly generous and sweet thing for Janine to do!:D

  2. Gorgeous pictures as always!
    A vendor that is still on my to try list, I think I have a scent shot of hers someone sent me in a destash I bought that I need to dig out of my bin and try. I believe it is in the scent Lick Me All Over if I'm not mistaken.
    Very sweet of her and it was very sweet of you too to share your mystery box with others so overall two sweet women! Enjoy your goodies girly and I hope you are doing well.

    1. Thank you Jessica!

      Janine has great wax. How cool you have a scent shot from a destash. Lick Me All Over is a nice one for summer if I remember correctly. A juicy fruity one. <3

      Hope you are doing well too. I love watching all your creative works on IG. You are creating some cool stuff!