Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ebb & Flow: June 2018

The highs and lows of the month.

L'Artisan Caligna

Perfume Oil:
Nocturne Alchemy Enchanting Mermaidens

Andy Tauer Solar Engineer

Bath Bombs:
Life Flower Care Sativa

Handmade in Florida Pistachio Macaron

Body Oil:
Kings Road Apothecary Deep Woods

Everything Paula'a Choice

Nail Polish:
Polished For Days Unicorn

Tiziana Terenzi Laudano Nero, this candle is 2 years old now and I keep burning it intermittently and it still smells as fabulous at the first time I put a match to it. You can read about it here. I also bought a back up so I can burn this one more often now. 

Candles From The Keeping Room Fresh Picked Strawberry

Endless coffee, not enough water.

Bagels with butter and blackberry jam.

Riverdale Season Two, The Fly with Jeff Goldblum and my husband and daughter play Fortnite.

Coming to My Senses by Alyssa Harad

Midnight Syndicate, I think I am getting ready for Halloween a tad early.

Messy buns, scratched cheap sunglasses and no make up with lots of sunscreen.

Savannah, Georgia trip! The itinerary is made, dinner reservations complete (The Old Pink House, The Pirate's House and 17Hundred90), ghost tour, kayaking and cemetery tour booked. 

Going back to the dentist again. My gums are healthy (YAY!) but I did have to have two onlays. I elected to get the first a few days after the appointment but I still have one more lurking in July. My teeth must be getting more sensitive as I age because I can only just now eat on that side of the mouth without pain. Ah well. 

Clipping wildflowers to stick in Ball jars and old Frostie glass soda bottles and tucking everywhere.

Bath & Body Works Tiki Beach wasn't as good of a thrower as I remember it being. It was ok, but not a repurchase.

No lows right now. I am trying my best to enjoy summer break. I do get a little melancholy if I think too much about how old the girls are getting, how we only have 6 more summers like this with both my girls enjoying the limbo between grades, having adventures, chilling out, baking cookies or painting together. Getting ice cream, swimming, skating. Six. That's it. Then they will be in college or off and about doing their own independent things. And I am under no delusion that well before then will come summer jobs, boyfriends and endless sleepovers. So more like 3 years? Ugh. I need to stop thinking about it or I will have a low.

Maine. Lindsey and Dustin's beautiful wedding. A new brother. Acadia National Park. Whales. Puffins. Birch trees. Wildflowers. The most amazing bubble baths with candles, books and bath bombs as of late. Soaking up lots of sunshine and fresh spring water and salty gulf water. Being easy on myself for a spell. 

How has your June been? What are you loving? Any banes or bugbears? What are you watching?  


  1. June here in Wisconsin has been HOT. And cold. We had two official Heat Advisories, with temps in the 90s and heat indexes over 100. And then in between we keep dipping down to gloriously cool weather. It's wreaking havoc on everyone's sinuses, and causing lots of achy bodies!

    I'm still loving Wizard101 and playing it tons. Yes, I do often get downer thoughts of all the other things I could be doing but hey, this is what makes me happy right now and I need something, anything that can hold my attention and keep me in a happy place for a while.

    I just finally started the most recent series of Big Bang Theory, which has been gathering dust on the DVR. I still love that show! I've also been watching a lot of Snapped again because they've been having flashback marathons to the old seasons and most of my favorite episodes have been shown again. Twisted to have favorites of that, I know. LOL


    1. So Achy Joints really is a thing with those tilt-a-whirl temperature changes. That is how Florida is in the late fall and all through winter. 90 one day and 50 the next.

      Enjoy your gaming. And no guilt about it. At least that is what I am trying to tell myself about all the reading and Riverdale watching I have been doing LOL!

      Not twisted at all. They are riveting stories. I haven't watched Snapped in ages. I think it is time to now that I finally finished the last episode of Riverdale. I also won two small lots of Archie comics on eBay for Savanna so I am sure I will be (re)reading those too. It is like candy of the literature world. Mindless but fun and easy to munch through.

    2. I've had people ask if I don't start feeling weird after watching a lot of Snapped. No, I don't think so. It makes you really think 'What is wrong with people?!' and how fragile life can be, but I don't come away from it feeling evil or plotting murders.

      Wanna know some of my favorite episodes??? :D


    3. My absolute favorites, in no particular order: Shawna Nelson, Jessica McCord, Sara Kolb, Teresa Stone, Michelle Reynolds, Linda Pedroza, Courtney Schulhoff, Rachel Wade... Hehe, that should get you started.

      Dee Dee Moore is the episode about the lottery winner (Abraham Shakespeare) who was killed in your area. Not a favorite episode of mine but might be interesting to you, seeing places you probably know and go to.

      A newer one that's kinda made it towards my favorites list is Melissa Napier. I think that's the name. I know the last name is Napier.


    4. It will get me started! Thank you! I will have some free time next week for a little here and there and will pick some of these up.

      I think I vaguely remember that event. He was this really generous older man? I will watch it.

      I will look for this one too. Thank you!

    5. OK! Starting with Courtney Schulhoff. I have to pay $1.99 for each episode so I wrote down all these ladies and will watch them as I go. Starting noW!

    6. Oooh! Let me know what you think! She is really something else, especially later in the episode with her courtroom behavior.


  2. I'm dreading my next dentist visit. I've started experiencing pain at the 3 other back molars that weren't taken care of when I had my impacted tooth removed. I know it's coming, but I remember how horrible I felt leading up to and even after the removal and it's something I'm trying to push off as much as possible.

    June has been HOT here. This has been the month of taking care of my car. I had to buy new tires a few weeks ago, change the registration to an AZ registration, and we paid for the windows to be tinted finally. Something about the Arizona sun just roasts everything so the tint makes a difference.

    It's also been a spectacular mental health month. I'm making little victories and pushing my comfort zones by doing things alone or things I would never have thought of doing. I went to see Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom alone last weekend! It was exhilirating and empowering to be able to do something I wanted to alone without needing someone else with me in order to do it.

    We also bought an 88-key piano and I've been slowly getting back into playing. Now on rougher days I can play and let my mind wander and process without letting the stress overwhelm me.

    1. I don't blame you. I am hoping this next installment of dental torture won't be as painful as this last one. I had to take Tylenol for a week. Plus the girls were just told they need braces but we are putting that off until they get all their adult teeth. I hope your appointment is painless and quick and full of good news about healthy pearly whites. Sorry about the pain though. I get that from my nocturnal teeth grinding.

      We tint our windows too every time we get a used car. Sounds like you are ready to beebop around town now!

      Congrats on the baby steps!!! How was the movie? I am dying to see it. I have gotten better about soloing things as I have gotten older. I feel more secure going off on my own. May you continue to make gains. <3

      How fun!! Did you grow up with lessons or are you self-taught? Savanna started playing the guitar. My stepdad is teaching her. I am happy you have that creative outlet. My grandma taught me piano but I was never fabulous at it. Then I switched to tooting the flute.