Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: Sam Ryde Jewllery

I am getting all the spooky fall feels when I look at this.

  Sam Ryde is a very talented UK based silversmith that I have featured a few times before on here. I have several of her pieces and they quickly fit right into the wearing rotation. She has revamped her website and it looks amazing. She has debuted a British Curio collection and a Botanical collection and still maintains her everyday wear pieces. She created a charming animal collection not too long ago with rabbits, foxes and bats. The bats. I had to have the bat. 

This batty beauty is about the size of a silver dollar and features a cast twig and succulent, stamped leaves and a bat silhouette dancing beneath a crescent moon. He is utterly charming indeed. 

If you like imaginative and magical pieces you should totally check out Sam's work. What creature would you like housed in this twiggy circle?


  1. I think Sam Ryde creates the most amazing jewelry. Thank you for sharing your new addition!!

    1. I totally agree! She is a very sweet lady too. Beautiful inside and out. Thank you for stopping by Cate! I just came home to my loving goddess mug. <3 She is a beauty.