Friday, June 29, 2018

Warmed Wax: Handmade in Florida, CFTKR and Lasting Scent Candles

Eastern Oudh by Handmade in Florida throws strong and smells of silky resins and sweet musk. Comforting warm vanilla amber woods with a darker tone but not heavy at all. I love this one to pieces and repurchase it every time I get a chance. One tart easily cuts up into four or more pieces to melt.

Blackberry Cream Puffs from Handmade in Florida threw medium-strong to strong in the kitchen and living area. The pastry really comes through nicely in this deep fruity bakery scent. The berries are ripe and realistic and made into a jammy filling. A very nice scent, but fruity bakery is not generally something I go for so not a repurchase, but I very much liked melting it.

Twenty-Nine High Street from Candle From the Keeping Room was a medium-strong burst of sweet candies and citrus and perfume musk. The Lush store come to home. It was a very nice scent but not a repurchase for me. A little too pretty.

Deviant from Candles From the Keeping Room threw medium and smelled of a more darker berry and floral version of Bath and Body Works perfumes. A pretty scent, but again, not one I would reach for personally.

Summer Tide Wedding from Lasting Scent Candles threw medium-strong and smelled of beautiful creamy vanilla cakes shot through with citrus and mango fillings. A delicious scent and happy to melt it but not a repurchase from me. I prefer the Key Lime Wedding Cake and, in general, not a huge craver of fruity bakery with some exceptions. 

I don't want my lack of desiring to repurchase these tarts (other than the oudh) to shine negatively on these, they all performed amazingly. I find I am very picky now-a-days when it comes to where I want to spend my wax money and what scents I desire to get with it. I will still branch out and try new things but I have to be bowled over in order to want to buy it again. 


I glimpse more and more of the woman she is evolving into coming through her skin. Reminders every day in a cut of the cheekbone or insightful murmur, a generous selfless gesture or wondering curiosity, a drive to learn. 

Time rolls like the waves, changing the landscape of my life and the shapes and contours of my soul. I hope it is also polishing me like a precious shell, eroding the tough unfeeling spots and letting the tender fragile parts shine through.

But what frightens me is that sometimes I forget to look. I forget to see. The changes in my daughters are imperceptible when I am mired in the quicksand of the minutiae of the everyday banalities. I miss their personalities blooming or their desires unfolding or their ideas and mannerisms sharpening when I neglect to truly listen to them or watch them. I don't want to miss any of it. 

I want to see. I want to listen. I want to soak the moments up like nourishing manna, inhale it like rare precious perfumes. 

I want to remember it for the days ahead, crystalize it in my heart for the time when waves crash over the past and propel us into a different landscape.


  1. In the pics from your sister's recent wedding, Savanna looked SO grown up. I think her outfit had a lot to do with it, and did she have makeup on? But then in the sightseeing pics from that weekend it was back to 'okay, she's still a kid.' Hehe!

    They do grow up fast. There is so much I don't remember about my own kids' younger days. Pictures help jog memories but I wish I'd done more such as keep up with their baby books and those School Days books that are like continuations of baby books.


    1. It was the outfit. She looked like a rock star. But she is definitely moving into teen territory. The kid portion is out right now at the moment... she is sitting on the couch reading Archie comics. I bought her one last weekend at the grocery store and now she is hooked. I wish I had kept mine. I had hundreds and hundreds. Ah well. Off to eBay to gather more.

      They do. I don't have any school days books. But that is a good idea. Maybe I can at least jot down some of the things they like/do/say.

  2. Hey there, mama, cut yourself some slack! You know that time is precious, and the fact that you have your eyes wide open, taking in everything you can, means that you're doing just that. You're not having that "I should have!" moment years too late. I think you're there right now, but no doubt mourning the natural, lightning fast progression of time. I don't know a single parent (at least none of the good ones) that wouldn't love to just hit the pause button, repeatedly, on their growing kids. No direct knowledge of this myself, of course, but it's so hard watching them grow up and knowing that that's just the way it has to happen. Hmm, I think I'm going to go hug my cat now.

    1. Thank you. I feel bad sometimes when I am not really listening to them when they talk to me or spending not enough focus and attention on them. You know, with ALL my attention. Really listening to what they are saying. But I am making an effort. Putting the phone down more. Engaging in hanging out with them more. I do want that pause button. Something fierce. But I will not be greedy, and be content with what time I have with them. Hugging the cat is a good thing. I need to go and do that too.

  3. What beautiful summery memories, daughters and birds both. Time just keeps rolling, so enjoy more, stress over it less.

    1. It does keep rolling. Stress less will be my mantra this school year. <3