Thursday, June 28, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy: Studio Limited Ombre #3 and #23

Nocturne Alchemy produces a line of perfumes in the Studio Limited collection that focuses on a gradient of aged resins. These Ombre perfumes utilize the aged resins and a precious ingredient is highlighted among each scent. I chose myrrh and oud for my first Ombre scents but patchouli is in the corner of my eye as well. These scents tend to wear like veil and possess very little sweetness. The effect is an aura of resin that floats about the skin cloud-like. 

Myrrh Ombre #3- Notes: Arabian black myrrh with Ambre Ombre (rare black amber, black patchouli amber and black frankincense). $28
Myrrh was the first one I picked up about a year ago. At first it was very sharp but I let it age for months and it burnished beautifully into a fragrance that wears like a halo. The myrrh possesses splintery edges of cedar that loosen and smudge in a haze of smoky sage. This is incense at its best. An atmospheric experience.

Oud Ombre #23- Notes: Exotic Indian grown oud aged in black oak, NA Oudh ICON absolute, perfume attar of rare black amber, black patchouli amber, black frankincense and black myrrh. $28 
The oud version is a relatively newer release. Adam picked this one up for me when he saw me commenting on Nocturne Alchemy's page. He's so sweet.
The oud in this fragrance issues forth in a round and robust manner, a full bodied resin made for snuggling. Sweet tonka duskiness and a buttery copal fullness reside within this dark ebony wood. It smells like a much more expensive perfume than it is. I will be backing this one up and I have only purchased a back up perfume two other times.

These are both easy to wear, gorgeous scents. I actually often wear Myrrh on one wrist and Oud on the opposite.  They play off each other really well given their differences in density.

Prices at Nocturne Alchemy will be increasing a bit here soon. These are on the more pricy side of their offerings given the ingredients, so I wanted to pass it on in case some shopping was going to happen.

Have you tried an oud based scent yet?

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