Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Candles From The Keeping Room: Part 2 Bakery

Welcome to the kitchen! Today I will be serving up cookies, waffles, cupcakes and cobblers from Candles From The Keeping Room. Each 6 ounce bag of tarts is $5.95. Since I already set up the order last post I am just going to jump right in. 

Ultimate Waffle Cone is one that I was sold on earlier in the year. This was one of Carol's infamous free samples that hooked me in. She mixed her intense Ultimate Bakery with waffle cone and extra frosting. The vanilla cakes and cookies and waffle cones all merge into a bakery bliss with a tiny hint of sweet almond. Caramel and merest tiniest pinch of spice, just for warmth, adds to the nirvana. I would buy this every time I see it if I could. 

Buttercream and Snickerdoodle has a bunch of delicious notes like nutmeg and pralines, cocoa and vanilla, but it pretty much smells like a delicious chewy cookie. It kind of reminds me of molasses cookies. I don't get any spice if you are wary of cinnamon, which I think is normally in a snickerdoodle cookie, but it does have some nice golden vanilla depth. I am happy to have this new-to-me scent as an everyday cozy vanilla bakery. 

Olde Town Bake Shop blends buttery vanilla, fresh dough, gooey batter and sugared almonds. This is another newbie for my nose but the name caught my eye (it is spelled Old Town Bake Shoppe on the scent list- I think I would like a mash up of both, Olde Town Bake Shoppe... yez). The sugared almonds are not overly potent but I do think they lend a slight brightness to the scent. It almost smells like a cream pastry with some lemon zest and slivered almonds sprinkled on top and muted by a cloud of powdered sugar. It is a lovely bakery scent that is not overly bakery if that makes any sense at all. 

Sugar Cookie Latte is a repurchase and is my favorite coffee scent ever. Ever. Most of the time I find coffee in wax to be overly strong and somewhat bitter, but Sugar Cookie Latte is a nice balance of both sugar cookies and creamy coffee. This sugared coffee is flavored with mocha hazelnut and the cookie adds a bakery flair, like walking into a small cafe' to order some morning treats. The throw is nice and strong but not obnoxious. 

Spiced Sugar Cookie is a first for me and I quite like it. It is a different kind of sugar cookie. It has a stronger sweetness and less bready aspect. The sugared cinnamon is very low key and only adds a gentle warmth, no fire. The vanilla in this sugar cookie is strong and along the lines of royal icing. I cannot wait to melt this one soon. Maybe on the next rainy day.

Cookies and Cupcakes definitely has that crunchy sugar cookie and strong bakery vibe to it. My first time with this scent, but definitely not my last. Another great basic crowd pleasing vanilla bakery but with more cake shot through this one. 

Cookie Cottage aims to capture a weekend at grandma's cottage baking cookies with notes of ginger, cinnamon, molasses, vanilla, clove and lemon zest. Mmmmm... yes. Cookie Cottage does have a nice cinnamon kick and the ginger is peppy too. This is pretty much a killer gingerbread cookie aroma. Perfect for the holidays. 

Apple Cobbler Delight has been purchased and repurchased by me as often as I can. It is a spiced caramel apple scent that throws well and makes my home comfy cozy any time of year. To have it in these adorable apple shapes is just the cherry on top. <3

Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone features wafer cookies and vanilla buttercream. This is my first time with this scent and it is yummy, plus those waffle shapes! I find it possesses a similar sugar cookie vibe as Spiced Sugar Cookie but less spice and way more creamy vanilla. Almost a marshmallowy vanilla. A winner.

Prairie Cake is a house blend Carol created that melds "old world fruits, sugars, creams, brown sugar and nuts." Those old world fruits have hints of tart cherry and are smoothed with buttery sweetness. It almost reminds me of a cherry cobbler but more cobbler and more stewed fruits than cherry. It is a unique tasty blend in my collection and I am happy I finally got around to adding it to my order. 

These were the majority of my bakery scents. A couple more might pop in the fall/spice/holiday post to come. I am really happy with these comforting scents. Ultimate Waffle Cone, Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone, Cookie Cottage and Spiced Sugar Cookie are some of my new found favorites. 

What are some of your favorite bakery scents from Candles From The Keeping Room?


  1. Sugar Cookie Latte...mmmmmmmm. My favorite coffee scent was Cafe Au Lait, from Scentsationals. They don't have it anymore. :(

    I could never pick a favorite bakery from CFTKR because I don't remember what I've all tried and, well, she has like 18billion scents to choose from.


    1. Then you might like this one! I know you probably wouldn't order form CFTKR with the way it opens/closes but I bet Country Lane Keepsakes has something similar or could. Or I can just get you a bag when I order next. :-) I will send you one to try.

      She really does have a hugely extensive scent list. I keep trying to get new ones each time but I know I haven't even made close to a dent in trying them all.

    2. CLK, yes! I must check her stuff. I always forget about her, then Kevin will remind me and I think 'I should order,' then promptly forget again. lol


  2. Soo much cookie! The cookie latte sounds great, but I once got a sweet coffee blend from Carol, caramel cafe au lait or similar and it was so sugary it gave me a toothache. I almost always enjoy burning coffee candles compared to melting, but if your nose determined its not obnoxious, I trust it's one I will have to try and grab. Ooh and the Ultimate waffle cone, Sandra turned me on to the waffle cone scent and I'm smitten.
    Btw, how you received a sizable order and managed to photo and sniff all of this goodness, and write it up in the same week that you traveled for your sis's wedding, I will never know. Your blogging super powers are indomitable:)
    I can't wait to read about your Maine travels!!!! Oh and Carol's earthy woody blends too.

    1. YES! I love the cookie from CFTKR.

      Yeah I can see some being too sweet for others. I guess I have a high sugar tolerance, at least with certain scents. Try me on fruity and then I get finicky. Waffle cones are pretty amazing.

      Hahahaaa! I am on summer break! I was cranking out some posts to have ready and it worked great. However, I am back to blogging per day. Hoping to stash some away again for July coming up.

      I need to start editing those Maine photos. I would like to give some to my sister. But I think I took close to 500 photos. It will take me a good day or two.

      I love how Carol has a bunch of great scent types to choose from. <3

  3. Ultimate Waffle Cone will be MINE next opening!! It was on my list for the most recent restock and somehow I forgot to add it to my cart! Have you tried Carol's Pizzelle? I get absolutely nothing on cold sniff lol but once it starts melting it is heavenly. I ordered lots of designer this time around but I'm sure next time I'll be diving into the bakery scents. This post actually has me craving cookie scents something fierce lol!

  4. Ah ha, here be the bakery, right where I like to live. :) Waffle cone is my go-to scent, no matter the vendor (although I really like Rosegirls;; it smells very, very realistic, all toasty, with that slight whiff of barely burnt sugar.) It's just the best blender, although really, any one of these sound pretty fantastic as well. So much cookie yumness.