Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Cbe Ceramics: Goddess Mug

I picked up my first ever Cbe Ceramics mug from Cate Be a couple restocks ago. She has a few designs that tug at my heart strings, a bear, whales, her No Face and Totoro, owls peeking through cacti and this Earth Mother, this goddess of love and tenderness. 

The size of the mug is wonderful, enough to hold a little more than a cup of coffee but not so huge that 3-4 cups of coffee swim in it. The hand is nice and stout with neat details and texture, almost like stepping stones.

The back features a little mantra I am beginning to better grasp and take to heart. "Self Love Best Love"

Deep sapphire blue glaze washes down into an indigo blue splashed with lilac. The white flecks look like stars peeping through the early evening sky. 

I love my mug. It has a lot of heart etched in it and it will bring me many mornings of peace and fulfillment as I sip a warm beverage to begin my day slowly. My hands will cup this long haired lady with a sacred heart with gentleness. The night sky, spiked stars and glazed moon herald quiet. The forest behind and the grass beneath remind me to get outside, barefoot if possible. And to nurture myself in ways unseen. 

What does she remind you to do? Who is this lady to you?


  1. The blues are perfect hues for peace and calming, that Cate knows her stuff. I tried and failed to grab a planter last time, so I will be content w/waiting for customs. Although, what I'll be able to plant in it in late Fall, I have no clue.

    It's funny that this is a loving nurturing depiction of a goddess bc that's the opposite image given to gods/goddesses in the mythological novel I liked, Circe. Those gods are petty, only interested in pain and destruction bc they are eternal and can't be destroyed. Mortal lives are a novelty for them to manipulate or use to achieve glory, but they aren't the types of beings to become Earth mothers. This is a much more loving image:) Do take care.

    1. She does know her stuff. You and I both failed in the planter grabbing huh? I was gunning for the cactus and owl one but *poof*. Ah well. Always another time. :-) Stick a houseplant in it!!

      I get that from the Greek and Roman versions too. The gods/goddesses were devious, petty, jealous beings. Maybe this one is from a different pantheon. Thank you for stopping by to talk with me. Off to catch up on my blog reading! See you on your side of the interwebz.

  2. Houseplant? Wha's that?
    Totally poofed myself right out off of Etsy somehow. Oh, you know I was going for that owl baby, it channeled All the Crooked Saints too much to pass by. If I can request a custom planter I shall conjure an owl in there somewhere...
    What's the deal with the character decimation of the gods/goddesses? So much for divinity.

    1. IT WAS EXACTLY CROOKED SAINTISH!!! That is why it was speaking to me so much. <3