Friday, May 22, 2015

City Creek Candles: Tahitian Sunrise

This tropical fruity tart was bought for me by my sister Lindsey for Mother's Day at a local gift shop/antique store/restaurant we like to frequent. It was $4.00 and contains 2 ounces of wax, which puts it on the pricey side. I have never tried City Creek Candles, but I see that they are sold on Candle Warmers website for $3.49. Which is still pretty steep. The scent is described as "fresh tropical fruits with freshly cracked coconut." 

My nose picks up a lot of papaya and mango and sweet sweet coconut. It has the consistency of Scentsy wax: soft, bendy and smooth. The throw in the living area was a nice medium to medium-strong, with a pleasant island fruits atmosphere. 

I am thankful I got to try this brand of wax and in this luau inducing scent, but the cost is prohibitive for me at $2 per ounce.

Have you tried any new wax companies lately? Have you noticed if Big Business wax tart prices are going up? 


  1. I like that it looks like Scentsy, is that strange? I love the way their wax looks. But it is quite costly, wow! Nothing new for me besides candle vendors!

    1. It did look and feel exactly like Scentsy! I love reading your candle boxes and reviews. I am wanting to try one in the fall.