Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Melting Basket 35

Wax I enjoyed and would certainly buy again from last basket include: S&S Pink/Lavender Mint/Peppermint and Pink/Pomegranate/Watermelon, VCS Cheryl's Stormy Weather, Beezy Pink Peppermint, FP Vanilla Noel, BHG Sugared Lavender Twist, CFTKR Serendipity Noel and Jill's Strawberry Cream Jelly Roll. 

ScentSationals- Beachwood
Tiffany- Serendipity w/ Pink Marshmallow OP
Scentsy- French Lavender
Scentsy- Sugar
Beezy- Lavender Sugar Cookie
Beezy- Amber Romance
Ten Digit Creations- Patchouli Passion
Sugar & Spice- Down in the Islands
FussAss McGee- Patchouli Blend
FussAss McGee- Karma
Rosegirls- Motion in the Ocean
Rosegirls- Earth Angel (see Deb, I can spell it right... once in a Harvest Moon). 
Super Tarts- Strawberry Cotton Candy Frosting <3 gift
Alamo Candelaria- Vintage (Tea & Lemon- London Calling) <3 gift
Alamo Candelaria- Faeries de la Foret <3 gift
HHS- Toasted Vanilla Bean Noel
HHS- Elsa's Ice Castle <3 gift
Flaming Star Scents- Orange Berrydipity <3 gift
Rustik Country Krafts- Nag Champa <3 gift
CFTKR- Almost Paradise
CFTKR- Bunny Treats <3 gift
CFTKR- Sweet Vanilla Zucchini <3 gift

Fatty basket 'o smells on deck. If there are any you want to hear more about please comment below and I will be happy to review them just for you!

So the family and I went to West Palm Beach for the weekend recently. We stayed at Eau Palm Resort gratis due to Adam's ability to play golf and win raffle prizes. The place was stunning, great service, and prices reflected this. And by the end of the trip it ended up costing me more than I had thought in the form of my camera....

I had a ginormous lizard that liked to sunbathe with me.

The Atlantic was lovely, if rough and tar filled. After walking in the water a bit, Adam and I discovered huge globs of oil/tar on our feet that was quite difficult to remove. Very disheartening. I cannot imagine what it is doing to the ecosystem and wildlife. I was also taken surprise by an errant wave that claimed my most favored lens. Disheartening as well. In fact, the squirrel photo below was my last photo taken with my zoom lens that was my birthday/Mother's Day/Christmas all rolled into one about 5 years ago. The Camera Shop man says it is not salvageable. I am now on the look out for a new lens. As a result, my photos are suffering. My stock lens just does not offer the crisp (I LOVED the Vibration Reduction feature), the zoom, or the bokeh that I adore. Please bear with me and my lower quality images as I adjust and scout for a new/used lens. 

How was your weekend? Have anything exciting coming up soon?


  1. I hope your lens search is fruitful and expeditious. If your camera is made in Japan maybe you and Ashley will find some deals? (I'm out of touch with electronics, I'm not sure if anything is made outside of China actually.)

    1. Thank you. I know what I want, just waiting on funds to align. Japan would be a good place but for two things. We are taking our yearly family vacation the week before and I have to have my camera for that and my camera is about 8 years old and obsolete, so I doubt Japan will have what I need. BUT I will certainly keep my eyes open for any deals!

  2. Ugh, beach tar is the worst! It can get really bad along the beaches around Santa Barbara where they had a huge oil spill back in 1969, and whenever I'd go visit my friends down there in the 80's I'd usually end up with a wrecked bathing suit.

    1. Kate! It is! I have never encountered beach tar like this before. I am so glad it didn't get on my swimsuit. It only came from Walmart but I have a mental block on spending money on swimsuits. I'd rather buy smelly things :-)

  3. oh man!! sorry to hear your lens met its doom... what kind of camera are you using?

    1. An old Nikon D40. :-) gotta have a lens for Japan trip!!! We can go around snapping like proper tourists! I miss you.

    2. YES!!!!!!! I still can't quite believe it's happening!!!