Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Melting Basket 36: It's Purple!

Wax tarts I would repurchase from the last basket include: Scentsy French Lavender and Sugar, TDC Patchouli Passion, Rosegirls Motion in the Ocean, Alamo Vintage, HHS Elsa's Ice Castle, and finally, Rustik Country Krafts Nag Champa. 

CFTKR- Violets & Birch
CFTKR- Festive Berry
CFTKR- Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy
CFTKR- Blissful Blackberry Type
CFTKR- Country Gift Shop <3 gift
FussAss- Nighty Night
FussAss- Hippie Chick
Rosegirls- Peppermint Coconut Mallow the last of my pie, how I will miss this guy
Rosegirls- Twilight Woods
Rosegirls- Date Night
Rosegirls- Pink & Blue Swizzle Sticks <3 gift
Front Porch- Vanilla & Black Burrant <3 gift
Sugar & Spice- Blackberry Coconut Mallow Fluff
Glitterati- Purple Rain an amazing fruity scent, highly recommended
Streetman- Wassamotta U <3 gift
Make Scents- Bedtime Bath <3 gift
Rainbow Melts- Zucchini Jam <3 gift
Beezy- French Lavender & Honey <3 gift
Super Tarts- New York <3 gift
SMT- Blueberry Grunt Cake <3 gift
SMT- Cotton Candy/Sweet Lavender Mallow/Blueberry <3 gift
VCS- Carousel <3 gift
VCS- Violette <3 gift on cold, this tart is filling my violet obsession that has developed as of late
VCS- Eleven Fairy Gifts<3 gift
VCS- Life is a Cabaret <3 gift

If you would like to see a more in-depth review of any of these scents, please comment below.

My Pop-Pop turned 70 on the 15th, the family wanted to surprise him on Sunday by all meeting at his church then eating lunch on the grounds. Welcome Baptist Church has not seen my face in its pews for about 15 years. I have not held a Hymnal in my hands in a long time. How can something feel so familiar yet strange all at once? So old fashioned and yet vital? It will be a sad day indeed when all these books of music are obsolete. 

That particular familial area of Florida where Welcome Baptist Church stands houses my maternal side of our lineage. I took Savanna to see where her great grandmother, Danna (my Mema), her great-great grandmother, Gladys (my Granny), and her great-great-great grandmother, Laura (Grandma Keene, who I had the pleasure of knowing, passed when I was 7 years old) all lie in the family plot. I explained how she is the 6th generation of first born daughters from all these women who had come before her.

It was a celebratory and grounding Sunday. And the moments that spontaneously happened, I imagine, will live on in Savanna's memory as being significant. What was your most recent moving experience? Dream? Thought? Memory?


  1. Thank you for sharing your Sunday experience with me. I had that same experience when I went to Alabama to visit my uncle's farmhouse and land. My boys were barely a year but we visited the family plot as well. He showed me where my great aunts and uncles rallied during the Civil rights movement. Very humbling to see it all.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading about it <3 I would love to hear more about your Alabama trip. I bet it was moving to hear about how your family stood for equality in such a turbulent time and place. You carry on the tradition beautifully of being a strong and independent woman. I have always admired that about you.

  2. A touching experience indeed with your daughter, Julie. <3 The basket looks great, can't wait to hear your thoughts. :)

    1. It was touching for me. I hope it was for her too. I am excited about these scents! About to start melting right now.

  3. "I explained how she is the 6th generation of first born daughters..."
    Has she come into her powers yet? *geekynerd smile*

    It was weird to be back in my hometown church last fall when my nephew was baptized. That place was such a part of our childhood, and we've had family funerals and weddings there, but it had been a long long time since I'd last been in there. So many memories, and so many things the same, yet soooo many changes. And yes, to hold the old hymnal in my hands again was a weirdly moving experience.


    1. Hahahahahaaaa!!!! Daughter, what I am about to tell you may come as a surprise but.... Yer a wizard Savanna.

      Thank you for telling me your story too. I wondered if I was the only one there who felt the same. I went their as a child all the time with Granny but as an adult it seemed surreal. I hope hymnals will always have a place somewhere in some place of worship while I am here in Earth. I loved the chance to gaze upon sheet music and words written hundreds of years ago.

    2. I was actually quite disappointed to see how 'modern' church service has become. Ours has video screens and microphones and digital displays, and it was way more about performing than good old fashioned preaching. How funny that I would much rather be bored to sleep by the droning of the pastor than by the flash of hip new things?


    3. Oh man. This one was still pretty traditional. Two ladies playing piano, guy playing strings and no fancy lighting. It was the opposite of my current church. Which is very much electronic.

  4. curious about the throw on the FP Vanilla & Black Currant scent. I've almost ordered this so many times - but keep pulling back. Also, have you tried TDC Nag Champa... if so, how would you compare it to Rustic Kountry?

    1. I would be honored to review it. Just popped it in.

      I have not tried TDC Nag Champa but I imagine it is great. I do think Rustik's was pretty amazing with a strong throw for a great price (24 for $8). Carrie, message me.