Saturday, May 30, 2015

Instagram, Waxy Swap and Soy de Bisbee

Instagram has quite a popping wax community going. A lot of Lush fans are bleeding over into the wax and I can see why, common love of scent knows no bounds. And if any group does IG well, it is Lushies! Post a photo of what you are melting and conversations start happening: where is this from? is their wax good? recommend me some others! I find this outlet for wax chat fun- if probably annoying to some of my friends and family who don't understand the scent obsession (sorry for the literally hundreds of wax photos on my feed). The wax chat sometimes evolves into swaps or not so random Acts of Kindness.

Recently Denisse, who introduced me to Alamo Candelaria via What Smells So Good? Facebook group, and I swapped some tarts when I saw she missed out on a particular scent I was lucky enough to get at a CFTKR opening. Denisse owns her own Etsy shop, Soy de Bisbee, while teaching full time. She sent me a box full of her products and some pretty amazing mermish pot holders.

I am not including all the items she sent me but I did want to highlight some of the really cool blends that she does.

Bourbon Vanilla Amber- Wowza. Amber so strong it has muscles, virile muscles at that. The bourbon vanilla sends it in a Cognac swirling, young mustachioed man with a button up vest lounging in an antique leather chair direction. I see you sitting there with your monocle and looking suave. 

Sugared Sweet Pea- What sounds like a tame, average scent, really isn't. This sweet pea delves into the gourmand with notes of caramelized sugar and cream. I am enjoying florals with bakery recently and this almost veers into that area. 

Magic Dragon Marshmallows- Dragon's Blood and marshmallows make for fun bed fellows. Incense and vanilla cookies. Strange yet appealing.

Sandalwood Carnation- Not strange at all, but really pretty. The smoothness of the sandalwood gets a kick of peppery carnation and I love it.

The owls. This one is Lavender Wine and I cannot begin to tell you how utterly strong this one is. I swear I get punch drunk just inhaling the bag. The lavender somehow accents and elevates the alcohol to a moonshine level.

Strawberry Garden owlettes not only look cute, but they smell cute too. Like a child's dream of a strawberry garden, dainty pink flowers, baby's breath like snow covering the ground and everywhere you turn, tiny bright ruby strawberries dripping from bushes. 

Small hearts filled with the scent of Lavender Blackberry Tea sprinkled with lavender buds. You want to sell me something? Sprinkle dried lavender buds on top. Guarantee you I will buy it. Black tea and lavender paired with blackberry is an ingenious mix. I could see a touch of vanilla going well with this too.

Look at these molds. Entirely too cool. And the scent is amazing to boot. Pink Monkey Buns offers my favorite type of perfume dupe alongside spicy bakery. My nose detects no banana at the moment but that may appear when melting.

Check out the pot holders! Cool huh? They make me want to head back to the old Singer and pump out some creations. 

I see on Instagram that some folks are running businesses out of there too. Interesting how commerce pops up in social media like that. Have you made any connections on IG or Twitter? Done any swaps through that platform?


  1. PS. I love the wax pic posts. I get it.

    1. Lol!! Thank you! You definitely are knowledgable about my proclivity for obsessions <3

  2. sweet photobomb. If someone ever makes a wall calendar of kitty bellies I would buy it.

    I love the new layout today and photo. I don't know if you recall my thoughts on who looks like who but I think I had it reversed and see Adam in Savanna now. I look like my dad also.

    1. Toddles wants to be a centerfold. Kitty bellies are the best. Thankfully she let's me pet her belly.

      Thank you! The new layout will be sticking around for a while. Maybe tweaks here and there but overall the same. Savanna is her dad to a T. As soon as she was born everyone could tell. I made Adam promise me the next one would look more like me. He obliged.

  3. Gosh, I had no idea that people were running businesses via Instagram. Is there a way to do a search on Instagram or is it just by chance that they are found? (I'm clueless about IG and had no idea they had groups!! .. I'm in the stone age w/o an android phone, yup)

    Love the potholders!!! So you :)

    I checked out Denisse's Etsy shop and signed up for notification when she returns. So sweet she sent you some of her wax. I've seen her in the FB groups and she seems like a real sweetheart.

    Toddles is adorbs!!! My favorite thing to do is rub my face in my kitties bellies and kiss it. Am I weird? lol No answer needed ;)


    1. They mainly sell to their followers. Just tiny side businesses.

      Denisse does seem like a big sweetheart! Very nice and generous in the groups. <3

      I love that you do that too! I enjoy rubbing my face on Toddles.

      I have enjoyed seeing your photos of the visit! Looks like y'all had a nice time!

  4. The pot holders are perfect for you! What a great gift.
    That first picture cracked me up!
    Enjoy your fabulous wax package from Soy de Bisbee (love the name!)
    ps -- first glimpse of your new blog template --LOVE <3

    1. They are just perfect!
      Tod was showing me that I have been delinquent in my cat attention duties.

      Thank you! I am VERY happy with the look and the customer service from the lady I bought it from.

  5. I love your new blog template, so clean and white! I think you can could afford to size the photos larger to match the size of your para. Y'know, because the bigger the picture, the more we can drool over your waxy hauls! :) Soy de Bisbee has some amazing sounding scents, I know what website I am heading over to after this comment! :)

    1. That is a great idea Michelle! I will play around with the photo sizes soon. I would love to make them bigger.

  6. Soy de Bisbee sounds quite interesting indeed! Those potholders are SO cute! Lavender Wine?Whhoooaaa, there's something I have never heard of before! Have you melted it yet??

    1. She has some cute molds and awesome blends! I have not melted the lavender wine yet. I am in love with my potholders!!