Saturday, May 2, 2015

Warmed Wax: Sugar & Spice and VSC

Sugar & Spice Pink/Lavender Mint/Peppermint- Strong throw, smelling of BBW Lavender Vanilla with a powerful minty charge that let me in a state of relaxing bliss all evening. Repurchase for sure. Four-pack. All mine. 

Sugar & Spice Blonde Moment/Peach Margarita- A nice medium-strong throw, but not for me. I am not digging my blend here. The Blonde Moment and Peach Margarita are having fisticuffs instead of making romance. Too sour/sweet/strange.

Sugar & Spice Pomegranate/Pink/Watermelon- Strong throw in the bedroom and sweet candy coated dreams! A fruity Pink Sugar laden melody that I would repurchase. 

Vintage Chic Scents Cheryl's Stormy Weather- Fresh, white musk, storm clouds, and clean homes. This scent was strong and filled my home with a beautifully blended fresh and clean scent. No laundry, no nose poking florals, just a well done perfumed aroma. Repurchase. Yes I would.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Any plans? We are laying low. I think. I need to quilt. Read. Clean. 


  1. Thank you for following up on my earlier request to review the S&S scents. I am plotting an order for some Pink blends and since I'm newly liking Pink scents I'm trying to figure out what to get.

    1. You are most welcome Jennifer. Sorry it took so long. I have been fighting a head cold off and on and I hate to review unless I have all my smelling power :-) you can't go wrong with pink blends at S&S. Her bakery and spice and fruits are really great too!