Saturday, May 23, 2015

Solstice Scents: Spring Release

I had to. I was clean out of bath salts. And please forgive me my bad timing, but  Solstice Scents is closed until June 14th. I am still reviewing these in the hopes that they make a come back one day. Because if they do, you want them. 

Lavender Vanilla from Solstice Scents is lovely. I got a sample of the oil last time I ordered and requested one this time as well. It is a sweet calming gourmand lavender with a creamy marshmallow base. 

Violet Mallow, yes violet is really having its moment with me, does not disappoint. The purple sweet distinctive floral plays with vanilla, musk and marshmallow. The combination creates images of sugared violets, candies and confections showcased in the window of a quaint French sweets shop. 

Solstice Scents' Dead Sea Salt Milk Baths are a treat to be had if you are a lover of baths. They leave my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Solstice Scents is also coming out with EDP versions of their fragrant perfume oil blends. I am excited about those. What have you been bathing with lately?


  1. Good news, there are a few jars left of Lavender Vanilla. Their cart system saves what you have if you close your browser and it lets me add up to four right now. Sometimes I enter fake orders to see how many are left and decide how quickly I need to order or if I can wait for reviews.

    Have a nice weekend. It is bright and beautiful today although quite brisk. I will take chilly over sweltering at the moment.

    1. Oooo!!! That is great! I know what I am trying for in June. I left one in my cart too. I tried to check out with it anyway but no dice :-)

      Glad you are having a beautiful day! It is nice here too. This cool snap is strange. Adam and I are catching up on cleaning and chores and such this weekend while girls are gone. Do you have any plans?

    2. Ha, I thought that might work, I thought we could outsmart the website!

      I am cleaning and decluttering this weekend also. Maybe a little bit of some outdoor activity also at some point if I get enough done. :)

      Enjoy your movie and new fancy shoes.