Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ulta: Free Birthday Gift

Ulta gives free birthday gifts too! I never knew. My sister, Lindsey, offered to give me her Ulta free birthday gift and I accepted with alacrity. Who am I to turn down free eyeshadow?!

The formula is soft and pigmented for the most part, but not always the easiest to blend. The three lighter satin shades were hard to differentiate on my lid, while the dark brown matte did not want to blend out in the crease. The darkest shade, a plummy deep brown with rose shimmer, is a power eyeliner. I used all five colors to create an easy neutral look that was flattering.

It is a nice little pallet to have with easy neutrals. And who can beat the price? Have you picked up your Ulta birthday gift? What did you think?

Some random confessions:

My nail polish inevitably gets picked off in a day or two. It drives my husband nuts when I do it. That might be because it looks horrible, or the actual picking drives him to distraction, or the colorful flakies that get left in a pile somewhere. Or all of the above.

I will drink out of the same water bottle for days in a row. Ice and lemon juice kills germs right?

Sometimes I sweep with Photoshop.


  1. I drink out of the same bottle for days too. Sometimes it'll get a quick hot water shake/rinse in between refills, but usually I just refill it and continue on. It's just water and it's just my own cooties coming back to me so ..... chugalug!


    1. At least we're getting our water intake right? We just don't have enough large tumblers and I don't do dishes every night so it ends up happening.

  2. haha... I love your random confessions!! I use the same water bottle every day, but it's a camelbak one.. does that count?? I actually drink tap water here *gasp!* but I figure it's Japan... it's gota be the cleanest tap water ever!! lol

    1. Oh girl! I that is all I ever drink. It comes out of the fridge but it is still tap water. I also drink out of bathroom sinks with cupped hands and right out of garden hoses. I will get to drink Japanese water soon too!

  3. I'm ROFL!!! "Sometimes I sweep with Photoshop" Love it :)

    I also pick my polish. Once one nail chips, that's it... the picking begins.

    Such a pretty neutrals pallet!

    ps... you might want to think about drinking from a clean bottle every day, as it will keep those pesky germs/viruses at bay ;)

    1. I had to remove some wax crumbs from the floor in these pics lol! Oops!

      I guess the germies aren't helping to build my antibodies like I'd hoped. I should make sure to wash them the time of the month when my immune system is compromised.