Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cult Nails: The Final Order

My final order from Cult Nails has arrived. They still have quite a few fun colors (including all of these and most of my prior purchase) in stock for 60% off. Add what you like to your cart and the discount will be applied. They all still list at $12 until you cart it. 

In A Trance- A drab olive green shot through with golden bronze shimmer. Reminds me of military fatigues and I like it.

Faded- Dolphin belly, pale white grey with maybe the slightest lavender or blue tint. A nice creme.

Wanna Be- Deep pink rosewood that shares a very similar, if not the exact same, golden bronze shimmer that reminds me of my MAC Old Gold eyeshadow. 

Dance All Night- Glitter topcoat filled to the brim with green, aqua, and blue large hex glitters and interspersed with tiny orange gold glitter in a clear base. I bought this for layering over a specific polish I already own. My nail polish has accessories. 

Lethal- Silver metallic gorgeousness. It seems like such a staple for a self-proclaimed polish fiend, but I just did not have a color like this. Insanely metallic, easy coverage, and would look stellar with a silver glitter topcoat.

Ignite- Black jelly with silver glitter, a relatively common shade, but again one I lacked. I think Lethal and Ignite will make great companions in a manicure. Very Kiss. Very Rocky Horror. Very cool.

Swatched L to R, Top to Bottom: In A Trance, Faded, Wanna Be, Dance All Night, Lethal, and Ignite.

Here is the layering I plan on doing. Cult Nails Dance All Night over Orly Halley's Comet. Look at that delicious deep aqua shiny goodness. 

I did get a free wheel of round mini rhinestones in rainbow colors, but my photo was so sub-par I decided not to add it. My swatch pic is bad enough but I am trying to work around my photographic disability at the moment. Did you partake in the Cult Nails liquidation yet? Still sad they are wrapping up. 


  1. These are too beautiful, Julie! Love the line on accessorizing your nail polish. xD

    1. Maria made some amazing colors. They will be missed! I think I am in trouble, the Lethal needs some silver glittery topcoat to adorn it. See how this never ends? >_<

  2. Replies
    1. Lynda!!! It IS!!! So shiny and glamorous! I wore it and feel in love.

  3. Lethal and Ignite. <3 <3 <3 Still not over that they are closing. :(

    1. They are quality colors. I am bummed too. But I can see how it would be too much to run a business sometimes.