Sunday, May 31, 2015

FuturePrimitive: Sylph Soap

This order was all about the giveaway. I knew I wanted to include a bar of FuturePrimitive soap, as I have never had one I did not adore. Sylph, a lavender and marshmallow blend, had been on my radar for a while but the seasonal editions usually hooked me first. I decided to grab three, after all, I needed to make sure I liked it. 

And I do. Very much so. The lavender unfurls fresh and herbal, plucked and dried from the garden, while the marshmallow adds a dollop of creamy yet airy vanilla. Never smothering, not too sweet. My nose enjoys this sharp green version of lavender smoothed by the rounded and soft marshmallow. 

My eyes enjoy the colors and deep ripples of the bar. 

My hands and skin enjoy the soft yet firm texture, like skin over bones; the bubbles that quickly erupt while the bar rolls around in my hands.

free sample soap sliver:

Sipsy, named after one of the ladies in Fried Green Tomatoes, will be used in late August as I herald in fall. Cinnamon, spiced oranges and a touch of pie live in this sliver. The bakery is so little as to only lend the ghost of deliciousness. I wish I would have gotten a whole bar in this. And I just may. FuturePrimitive has all spring release items on clearance and this is included. Towanda is there too- a tomato vine blend (Ashley!). 

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