Sunday, May 17, 2015

Haus of Gloi: Mini Order and Summer Release Info

Candied Violets Lip Balm- This balm feels very nice and moisturizing. The blending of oils and wax texture is perfect. Solid enough to coat and hold  and oily enough to provide a nice slip, but not so oily it feels like I just chowed on fried chicken. The only thing that bums me out is the lack of scent. I was hoping for a gorgeous sugar frosted violet aroma but there is nothing. Just waxy lip balm smell. I believe I paid $3.50 for this but they are marked down to $2.00 under the Valentine's section. I hope that mine is a fluke. I will keep using it as the formula itself is great, but I do wish for a detectable flavor/scent. New summer flavors will be out later today.

Strawberry Butter Bomb- I wanted a little pick-me-up for the bath tub that wasn't my usual herbal/relaxation scent. This strawberry fits the bill. Sweet berries with a touch of cream and musk. The butter bombs are packed with butters and feel amazing in the bath and on the skin. A great value for $2.50, as I break these into two uses since they are so potent. 

Haus of Gloi will be releasing their Summer collection in two parts, the first will be today at noon PST.  Butter bombs may be in the second release to come later. Subscribe to their newsletter for updates and announcements. 


  1. Sorry to hear about the lip balm! I read a review with someone saying the same thing about the rose one but my tube is well-flavored oddly. Their lip balm formula has been continually evolving and where it is at now works for me the best also. I had stopped buying them for a while due the formula and flavor strength so this one I picked up second hand by chance was a pleasant surprise.

    I have a lip tint in one of their older formulas that I like also, called Rosy Lipped, a your lips when your face is flushed pink. It comes out in the winter with a scent Rosy Cheeked.

    1. It is still a great formula for sure. Maybe some just slip by without flavoring or maybe these flavors are just ultra ultra light? I have no idea. Glad yours is great though! Rosy Cheeked sounds lovely! I like pink lipped looks. So youthful and flattering. Are you eyeing anything today?

    2. If I had fewer lip balms I might go for a blueberry one, right now I have about 20 but I will be throwing some away as some of them have gone rancid and taste funny! :-{ Anything splurge worthy or are you taking a breather? I am still deciding on the scrubs from TSBC, possibly for gifts.

    3. Nice collection!!! I only have a handful but passing on those right now. I did get something today though! <3

      I wanted Narcosa in all the products but I passed for now in hopes of it being around later.