Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lasting Scent Candles

 After a couple years, I got another Lasting Scent Candles order in! I kept missing opening and after opening (I really do stink on super silent openings... this gal needs some kinda hints), but this last one was announced and I could not wait! The opening was March 31st for a sampler and various scents. The sampler was $49.00 and consisted of 28 scent shots and single scent shots were $1.75 each- limit 3 each scent. 

So! This is an insanely long post (40 scents!) so snuggle in and enjoy with a cuppa. 

Single Scents (not in sampler- and lacking scent descriptions for these, so scent profile based on the old sniffer alone):

Spring Mountain Mint- I have had this one before and knew I loved it. A fresh green mint leaf with touches of spearmint and floral. A beautiful, relaxing aroma. 

Patchouli Honey- Sweet, mild patchouli. Liquid peace. Not harsh or jarring notes. Almost a  powdery softness.

Passionate- Patchouli and lavender, sweetened and creamy.

Fuzzy Pink Slippers- Pink Sugar and marshmallow I believe. Super sweet and dreamy.

Coconut Cream Pie- Excellent coconut. Almost like coconut ice cream, rich, extra creamy and vanilla laden. 

Blue Honeysuckle- Blueberry heavy with a lemony honeysuckle addition that smells amazing!

Sampler Scents (I have scent descriptions for these and will include them as well as what I sniff out):

Razzleberry Rock Candy- Razzleberries and White Sugar Rock Candy. Razzleberries smell like strawberries and raspberries to me. I dig this scent. Juicy, sweet and concentrated.

Sinful- Vanilla custard, French pastry shell, caramelized sugar crust, butterscotch brickle crumble. I mostly get Butter Rum Lifesavers and a dash of bakery. Yummy and strong.

Innocence- White chocolate dipped rose petals, lavender and white sugar. The white chocolate comes fast and hard and on cold, it is pretty much all I get. It is like an amped up Vanilla Butter Fudge. While nice, I hope the florals come out more when melting.

Bliss- Wedding cake, vanilla and lavender. Bliss indeed. The vanilla cake features prominently but lavender adds a beautiful touch.

Succulent- Pastries, danishes, strawberries, and strawberry honey butter. Honeyed bread. Mostly. 

Caribbean Cupcake- Island fruits and buttery cake batter. Pina colada cake. 

Captivated- Creamy citrus meringue, toasted coconut, tangerine, pecans and marshmallows. Reminds me of Hot Orange Danish with added creamy vanilla and orange zest.

Key Lime Wedding Cake- Wedding cake, key lime curd, frosting. Insane. Delicious. Perfect amounts of sour lime, thick frosting and vanilla cake. I want to eat this.

Solitude- Nectarines, peach nectar, lime zest, snuggly blanket. What a great scent. You know. It reminds me of Australian Gold. A fruity, clean sunscreen. The beach. Tans and warm skin. That cute little koala face wearing shades. 

Xanadu- Melons, cotton candy, rock candy. Airheads! I love it. The blue ones. 

Southern Belle- Wedding cake, vanilla, white flower petals. Mostly getting the yummy vanilla cake but maybe there is a pinch of jammy rose? Is it me putting it there? Who knows. I love this scent though. 

Bombshell- Lavender, cookie, frosting. You know I worried when I opened this that it would be the VS Bombshell. glad it is this instead. The cookie and frosting is so rich and buttery, it almost smells like Vanilla Butter Fudge again. Divine.

Felicity- Rock candy, strawberries, summer fruits. This was one of my first favorites of the bunch. It smells like the raspberry sauce tastes like at Outback Steakhouse.... mmmmm.... cheesecake with raspberry sauce. 

Carolina Blue Cone- Waffle cone, blue raspberry ice cream, blue spun sugar ice cream, blue sprinkles. Sweet, vanilla blueberry cake.

Jubilant- Tropical fruits and grapefruit. Citrus filled fun! I do feel jubilant just smelling it. Sweetened with mango/peach nectar aroma. 

Hurricane Punch- Orange, lime, passion fruit, grenadine. Smells like a Mai Tai or some tropcial drink that has umbrellas and fruit clustered on the rim. Cheers!

Sweet Lavender Nectar- Lavender, vanilla cream, honey nectar. Amazing. Perfection. Lavender at its best. Sweet and calming.

Sweet Dreams- Pink sugar, lavender, marshmallow. Nirvana! Heavenly! Superb! Sandman sleep dust in a wax tart.

Magenta- Red notes, pink notes, fruity fresh. Cotton Candy on steroids.

Garden Tango- Citrus, flowers. Not sure if it is the "tango" reference but I am reminded of Apple Mango Tango with extra floral and added grapefruit. Very nice. 

Peach Passion- Sun tea, peach and passion fruit. Summer refreshment in a scent shot. Peach tea in spades. Sweet, tart, and just enough black tea to give it backbone. 

Watermelon Wedding Cake- Wedding cake, watermelon jam. Just like the description. Very nice.

Malay Apple- Malay apple flowering tree. Strong and beautiful scent! Red and green ripe apples mingled with apple blossoms. Can't get enough.

Sand Dunes- Ocean breezes, sandy beaches, azure waters. Another fast favorite. Beach house towels, holding the scent of salt water, faded Coppertone jasmine, and mineral filled shells and sand in the depths of the plush, sun-baked terry cloth.

Lemon Wedding Cake- Wedding cake, lemon cream filling. Lemon custard filled cupcakes with buttercream frosting. An amazing lemon bakery scent. And I am uber picky about lemon bakery. 

Electric- Purple flowers, tart lemon. Strong lemon sweetness with lilac buds strewn about. Early summer in a jar.

Island Spun Sugar- Tropical fruits, cotton candy. Highlighting mango. 

Strawberry Cordial- Strawberries, white chocolate fudge. White chocolate dominate. Out of all 40 scent shots, this is my least favorite. It is very well done, but I just can't get on board with this combo. It smells exactly like Rosegirl's Strawberry Jam Vanilla Bean Noel- so if you like that you will like this. 

I am giddy over these cups. The scent is strong, and the aromas are on point. The stickers and packaging hit my happy button. The oils can be problematic over time, but I don't mind bagging these to keep them in check. Did you get a Lasting Scent Candles order in? I see they are already thinking of opening again soon. Could be exciting!


  1. Too much patchouli and lavender and floral for me but ohhhhh, Sinful sounds like it makes up for all that. =)


    1. Lol! Well you know me... I saw patchouli blends on the single scents and I needed to bring them all home. The sinful is pretty amazing. Definitely waiting on a deep fall day for that rich butter rum scent. So amazing. Makes me want to drink Butterbeer and binge on Harry Potter.

  2. Hi, thanks for your blog post on LSC! I just started following the fb page in hopes if catching the next restock. What do you mean about the oils being problematic over time?

    I have heard LSC has great pink sugar blends.

    1. Good morning Jennifer! Hope you are doing well! LSC tends to have amazing throw and part of that is that abundance of oils they pack in their tarts. If you use them sooner rather than later, they will probably be ok, but if you let them sit for several months the oils tend to leach out of the wax and cups. It can be messy. I will take a pic when I get home and show you from one that I have like this. Not all of them do it, but some do. I don't mind because I bag them or use them quickly.

      LSC has amazing blends period! But yes, their pink blends, lavender blends and wedding cake blends aren't favorite! Folks (myself included) love their lemon blends too. I hope you get an order in next time they open. Sign up for their newsletter! ;-) Have a great day!

  3. All that colour and cuteness, looking at all these LSC wax makes me so happy! All the scents you got and in the sampler sounds amazing! I have only had one LSC haul and that was way back in the day when she was actually open all the time!

    1. I feel the same exact way Michelle!! The colors and labels and scents and stacks all make me smile! It had been a looong time since my last order too but I think that is why I am excited to finally have some more. I wish all vendors could just be open. Oh the dreams one can wish.

  4. Awesome order! I have a small stash that I collected from destashes and they are leaking oils terribly. I really need to melt thru them. I melted a couple over the weekend and they were throwing pretty good for being older.

    1. Thanks Kim! Yes they can get oily with age! I try and use them within a few months (usually not a problem) but like you said, the throw stays pretty healthy! I hope you have been doing well! What is your fav LSC scent?