Friday, May 15, 2015

Rosegirls: Mini Melts Order 2

My last two Rosegirls Mini Melter orders came in combined shipping. I am much more thrilled with the scents I chose this time around. 

Twilight Woods- A nice dupe of the Bath & Body Works scent that I love so much. Musky sweet floral.

Satin Sheets- This was one I had been hemming and hawing over forever; the chocolate note in the scent description kept throwing me. I can tell you that I do not get a big chocolate note thank goodness. It is a soft perfumed bedroom scent. Pretty, slightly powdery, and full of vanilla musk and dappled with violets and jasmine. 

Gilligan's Brew- Best darn coconut out there. It manages to straddle the line of sweet bakery and sunscreen. A very nicely done vanilla coconut.

Cotton Candy Frosting- Mounds of berry sugared sweetness. 

Supernova- Hawaiian Punch on steroids. Without the funky back of the throat dryness I sometimes get from that scent. The grape really carries the Paradise to a new level. This is going to be STRONG in the warmers. 

Vanilla Bean Noel- Vanilla bakery creaminess. I love how strong and rich Rosegirl's version is compared to the originator, Bath & Body Works. I feel like it is heavier on the cookie note. 

Raspberry Sauce- Raspberry jam with more tartness than sugar. A really awesome raspberry scent. I can see why it has a following.

Butter Brickle- Caramel, butter and toffee all rolled into one. A richness that cannot be denied. So rich it almost has the teeniest coffee note.

Sticky Licky Buns- I was surprised this didn't have a prominent spice note to it. That is why I am liking trying these scents on their own, as single notes. It smells mostly like a vanilla pastry or cookie. Maybe a hint of caramel or frosting. Pretty tame, but good for blending I bet.

I am looking forward to blending Satin Sheets and Twilight, maybe with Gilligan or Cotton Candy Frosting. Raspberry and Supernova would pack an insane punch together. Jenny posted that she may be able to open the site back up for Mini Melters towards the end of the month. That is faster than anticipated. Have you played with the Mini Melters? What do you think? Are you planning on ordering more when she opens back up? American Cream and Sugared Jasmine are on my wish list. 


  1. Although Butter Brickle is a scent that's normally right up my alley, I've found I don't like the Rosegirls version. I think it's 'coffee' note that you mentioned. There is a bitterness lurking in their version that just ruins it for me.

    Do you have any lemon scented Mini Melters on hand? Maybe you can try to do the Lemon Coconut VBN we were talking about?!


    1. I enjoy blending with their butter brickle but it is rather potent on its own.

      YES! I will have to look. Lemon is not something I generally have on hand but my LSC sampler had Lemon Wedding Cake and I bet that would work! Oh I am itching to do it now. Thank you for reminding me! I am doing it as soon as I get home!

  2. Satin Sheets? Chocolate? LOL! I don't know why that made me laugh. Weird note for that scent. Maybe satin = sexy and sexy = chocolate? Or am I a horrible person??

    Awesome order!! Love raspberry sauce. Ooooh! Yeah! How strong are these overall from 1-10?

    1. Lol!!! Not a horrible person!! Chocolate and romance do get lumped together either nicely (heart shaped boxes of chocolate) or weirdly (syrup in crevices it was never intended to linger) so I guess I get it. I am just thankful it isn't present to my nose.

      Great question!!!! On cold:
      Twilight Woods- 4
      Satin Sheets- 6
      Supernova- 10
      Raspberry Sauce- 9
      Butter Brickle- 9
      Sticky Licky Buns- 7
      Gilligan's Brew- 8
      Vanilla Bean Noel- 9
      Cotton Candy Frosting- 7

      Gilligan and VBN threw strong yesterday (and today). I wish Twilight Woods would be much stronger.

  3. Oh this post is just making me want to order those MMs, I do have a wishlist going and I guess I am going to have to stalk the RG page to find out when she's re-opening exactly!

    1. I would love to see what scents make your cut. I have a feeling it shouldn't be too much longer!