Friday, May 8, 2015

Dreaming Tree Soapworks

After happily using my Snow Queen Dreaming Tree soap that Jean gifted me, I headed right over to their website to shop around. I actually placed these in two separate orders but she combined the shipping and it arrived all together. She included a sample soap and a cute tree charm on a ribbon. 

Siren of the Sea Luxury Spa Sea Salt Bar- Having never really used a sea salt bar soap paired with the name, I knew it had to be mine. It runs $7.50. Notes include: sea moss, lavender, sandalwood, ozone and florals. The lavender and sea moss come through the strongest and the lavender even more so when bathing. The bar has the slightest grainy feel from the salt, very fine, but still present. I quite enjoy the texture. Lathering takes a bit more effort but put puts out a milky fine foam that cleans thoroughly without any residual dryness. The heft and density of this bar is gratifying.

Wicked Embers Handmade Luxury Soap- On sale for $4.90 currently, it is a blending of their Wicked Queen and Fires at Midnight (sandalwood, marshmallow, lavender, patchouli, and vanilla). Sweet campfire takes the lead in aroma strength with the herbs creating a cleanliness that keeps it from being smokey. The gold and deep copper mica on top provide a subtle shimmer when lathering. The lather builds nicely, emitting large popping bubbles of clean. 

Wax Tarts are 100% soy and on sale for $4.00 per clamshell with a nice curated scent list:

Black Pearl- Scent notes include: leather, tobacco, spice, black tea, resins and woods. The website said this was a tester favorite so I figured it would be nice. In fact it is. The fragrance bounds off the wax like Captain Jack Sparrow off a sinking ship. Incense, amber and woodsy leather feature prominently in an exotic and virile blend. Quite nice indeed. When melted it was a tad too light for my needs. It threw about medium-light in my bedroom, using two cubes.

Nevermore- Scents notes include: absinthe, spices and sandalwood. The absinthe's anise notes comes off herbal while the sandalwood is creamy and the blending is enchanting. It reminds me a tad bit of something I would smell from Two Timing Tart, sophisticated and unexpected for home fragrance. 

True Love's Kiss Lip Balm is full of oils (olive, pumpkin seed, and coconut) and mango butter, they are on sale for $4.00 each and come in a variety of fragrances. The lip balms are double sealed, perfect for gift giving.

Misty Mountain- Hobbit reference? Yes please. It was also a sure bet since it is minty. The balm slides on very easily and feels a tad more oily than waxy. The mint tingles very nicely. 

Emperor- A clove based fragrance that leaves a tiny tingle as well, less so than the mint I find. More of a cinnamon vibe. Again, same texture, more oily than waxy. I will probably keep these in the house and not my car due to melting concerns (pretty much everything melts in the FL heat at any rate). I am enjoying these.

Free soap sliver sample in:

4&20 Blackbirds- Another well done blackberry with perfume undertones that will be lovely to bathe with. 

Overall, I am enjoying my Dreaming Tree products. I can see myself buying the lip balms for gift giving (and keeping) and I can see my love for sea salt soap being kindled. Have you tried sea salt soap? Handmade lip balm?


  1. Please let us know how her wax performs!

    1. Will do! I did melt BlackPearl and reported a medium-light throw but I have been waiting on Nevermore. I really like the scent of that one the most. I hope it throws stronger.

  2. I have tried sea salt soap. It's nice for dry skin! Handmade lip balm is the only kind I use. My favorites being those made by Bodygoodies and Haunt :)

    1. It just feels so good. I am loving the sea salt soap. I will keep my eyes out for Bodygoodies lip balm. I hope Haunt opens back up soon so I can nab some lip balms. I did buy one from HoG recently.